Rupert Murdoch to Go live on Mike lindell’s Symposium on August 10

Rupert Murdoch to Go live on Mike lindell's Symposium on August 10

Rupert Murdoch, founder of fox news is said to be attending the cyber symposium event hosted by the my pillow ceo, Mike lindell from 10th of august to 12th august. Rupert has been a follower of trump’s government and is likely to attend the event. Mike lindell has also announced an astonishing reward of $5 Million to the person who can prove his claims as false. The event will be a 72 hour long talk show that will have various guests and speakers.

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Rupert Murdoch To Attend Mike Lindell’s Event

This will be the first major public appearance of Rupert since the ousting of Roger Ailes, the former executive chairman of fox news. Roger left fox in 2016 in wake of sexual harassment allegations. Apparently, many a times Mike Lindell has been in a dispute with the NY Times. Mike Lindell Says He Will Pay $5 Million For Proof Of Existence Of Malicious Anonymous Complainant. The cyber symposium event will run from the 10th of August to the 12th of august.

The Cyber Symposium Event Speakers

The cyber symposium event will begin at 10:00 a.m. on August 10, 2021 and go on till August 12, 2021and during this time, participants can expect to hear the following talks: Mike lindell, Steve bannon, Brannon howse, diamond and silk, Dinesh D souza and many more speakers from the Mike Lindell’s list.

What Will Be The Theme of the Event?

In his announcement on the social media, Mike had said that he will be revealing a few things in the event which have been kept secret for a long time. According to Lindell, the event is a huge chance for people to get all the hidden secrets from the elections of 2020. People Are Concerned About Mike Lindell Following the announcement of the event, people were more concerned about the event and a lot of people were wondering about who will be the other guest, will it be Rupert Murdoch?. The theme of the event is primarily a talk show where experts will be talking about the results of the elections and conspiracies.

Why Is The Live Stream Important For This Event?

The livestream of the event can be seen here and on the official website. The livestream is important because it will reveal various facts and figurers of the past elections. Mike Lindell says he already has various proofs that the election had issues and will reveal all the data on the day of the symposium.

Speakers and Guests of the event

The event’s speakers and guests of the event are yet to be announced. Mike lindell will be joining the event with the famous news anchor and tv host Steve bannon, Brannon howse, diamond and silk, Dinesh D souza and many more speakers from the Mike Lindell’s list are going to accompany him throughout the event.

Lets wait and watch what the cyber symposium held by Mike Lindell reveals and will there be someone who can challenge his claims and takeaway the $ 5 Million prize.

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