Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium – What to Know, How To Attend

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium - What to Know, How To Attend

Watch lindelltv liveMike Lindell is hosting a cyber symposium to reveal the actual data and actual result counts of the 2020 election from various states and counties . On August 10-12, Mike will host a Cyber Symposium where he will offer a $5 million award for anyone who can prove that the “cyber data and the packet captures” from the November 2020 elections are not valid.

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Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium

“I’m calling it the Great Cybersecurity Experiment,” said Mike. “I want to prove once and for all that the “cyber data” coming out of my cybersecurity companies is indeed data that has never been stolen and not the false data that is being peddled by the Left and their Left-wing allies in Congress and the President’s new administration. I’m bringing in statisticians, mathematicians and cybersecurity experts who have volunteered to let me actually take them on and see if I can prove that the information coming out of our cybersecurity companies is false. I’m not pulling this out of thin air. I know it’s real and if the election officials don’t do what they’re told to do, I will pay $5 million to anyone who can prove me wrong.

What to Know

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium - What to Know, How To Attend

The main objective of the symposium is to show the real data from the 2020 elections. Mike says ” He is not doing because he liked Donald Trump” Mike is doing this because he wants to Make America Great Again. Mike is going to release some really strong evidence and data that is never shown to anyone. The event will be like the earlier Franakathon that Mike hosted that consisted of various hosts. This event will also be filled with guest speakers who will accompany Mike in the 72 hour long talk show.

How To Attend

The Cyber Symposium will take place on August 10-12 live on Mike Lindell’s social media platform Frankspeech. Attendees will be able to watch and listen to the full 72 hour live for free on his website and lindelltv. Here’s what you need to know about registering yourself for winning in the Symposium: To register, you must live or work in any one of the states or counties included in the contest and have any video or statistical data is a strong evidence to beat Mike Lindell’s claims. To access Frankspeech and watch the symposium you should have a USA contact number and email address that will be asked while you open the website for the first time. Once you are inside the website you can click on the “Cyber Symposium” from the menu bar and start watching the symposium which is hosted absolutely free.

Here is Mike Lindell Himself explaining about the event through a facebook live on his profile.

How to attend/register for the Cyber Symposium debate?

To attend the cyber symposium debate you must be a Influencer or a news media outlet or a cyber security expert. Unfortunately normal people cannot participate in the cyber symposium but you can watch the symposium live  on our website.

Steps to fill the form for Cyber Symposium on Frank

  • Visit Frank’s official website
  • Find the forms and choose the one that suits you or your organisation.
  • The registration forms look like this  –                                    
  • Once done the Frank team will contact you for attending the cyber symposium event.

I consider Mike Lindell a great man as he is taking timely steps to bring the truth in front of people. Mike lindell has previously released absolute proof and absolute interference that were great hits in terms of data and information. Both of the documentaries were watched more than a million times over the internet. Hope you liked the article, keep reading for more such content.

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