Selection Code Movie Download for Offline Watch

Selection Code Movie Download for Offline Watch

After release the Selection Code Movie Download for Offline Watch Through the article. [S]ELECTION CODE is a political thriller movie that uncovers a mystery so critical to America’s survival that it transcends partisan politics. It’s not about correcting the past. It’s about correcting the future.

Selection Code Movie Download for Offline Watch 

You can only download the film via a link provided by World-wire After the release the movie on 20th August

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The film will premiere on August 20th at Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit. The selection code film premiere begins at 6:30 p.m until 8:45 p.m. So you can watch the film live on World-Wire.com from the day of the event.  

You can still watch the film on our World Wire website after its release, and you can even sign up using your email to watch the movie [s]selection Code. 

 What’s the Selection Code Movie about?

The Selection Code is a political thriller. Uncover a secret so critical to America’s survival that it transcends partisan politics. It’s not about improving the past. It’s about improving the future.  

Watch Selection Code Movie Livestream by Mike Lindell

SELECTION CODE follows the story of Tina Peters, the county clerk in Mesa, Colorado. She secured her county’s Dominion voting system server only to find evidence of tampering in a recent local council election along with the 2020 presidential election. Tina’s discovery sets off a chain reaction that changes her life. And turns the world upside down.

About Mike Lindell and his battle against EVMs 

Mike J Lindell is an American businessman, inventor, and entrepreneur who founded MyPillow, Inc. He is announced at the Moment of Truth Summit, where he is going to the trial of EVM. In the CPAC post-interview, he mentions that the voting machine will be on trial during the live summit.

About Trial of the Machines at Election Summit
Trial of The Machines, 11 AM – 6:30 PM CT 21st August 2022 at Moment of Truth Summit

Mike Lindell has never failed to passionately express his disdain for electronic voting machines (EVMs) and their role in Trump’s loss of the presidency in 2020. He has been embroiled in a long-running bitter war against Dominion and Smartmatic, the voting machine companies Lindell allegedly bribed for 2020’s “Big Lie” propaganda. Both companies are suing the CEO of MyPillow, and Dominion is seeking $1.3 in damages.

The final step in this anti-EVM saga came on March 23, when Lindell upped the ante and announced that he would be filing an injunction to remove EVMs from the public voting system. 

 Corporate voting machines are at the center of a right-wing conspiracy theory that claims they were used to fraudulently switch votes from Trump to Joe Biden, which is unsupported by evidence. Mike Lindell emerges as the greatest proponent of political propaganda against EVMs.

Who is Mike Lindell?

He is commonly known as MyPillow Man. Mike Lindell was born on June 28, 1961, in Mankato, Minnesota, USA. Lindell is a famous supporter of former US President Donald Trump. 

Selection Code Movie by Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell


He also promoted oleandrin, a toxic plant extract, as a cure for Covid-19 without scientific evidence and supported efforts to roll back the 2020 US presidential election. 

In its lawsuit against Lindell, Smartmatic stated that he was “mad as a fox” and claimed that he “stoked the fires of xenophobia and party schism for the noble purpose of selling his pillows.” Lindell has countered Dominion, his PR firm Hamilton Place Strategies, and Smartmatic. 

The general motive of an injunction is to maintain the status quo in situations where acting or failing to act of the kind specified would cause irreparable harm (i.e., irreparable harm) to a party—adequately cured by awarding monetary damages). In this case, the “damage” is Trump losing another presidency to EVM fraud, like last time.

Up for debate, however, is why Lindell is pushing for a restraining order Thursday before Trump can run for president again. This injunction can only take effect if followed by a full-blown court trial, which can be timed to culminate in an epic saga just before Trump announces a third presidential candidacy in 2024.

This could be countered by Lindell trying to clear the way for Trump and the GOP in the upcoming midterm elections. But with the Biden administration’s list of mistakes spiraling into a bottomless pit, Republicans seem to have won half the battle. 

While Lindell’s purpose remains confusing, one thing is sure: Republican politicians aside, the Democrats have Lindell to watch out for. 

About Lara Logan

Lara Logan, born on March 29, 1971, is a South African radio and Tv journalist and war correspondent. She served as a correspondent for CBS News from 2002 to 2018. 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager called her factually incorrect and politically biased story about the 2012 Benghazi attack “the worst mistake of my 10 years of service.” 

Lara Logan


In 2019 she joined Sinclair Broadcast Group, a right-wing media company. She joined Fox Nation in January 2020, a subscription streaming service run by Fox News. In March 2022, she said the network had “let her down.”

Logan married Jason Siemon, a professional basketball player from Iowa, UK; The marriage ended in divorce. In 2008 she married Joseph Burkett, a Texas Government Defense Contractor. The couple resides in Washington, DC, with their two sons and Burkett’s daughter from his previous marriage.

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