Sen. Tim Scott Leads in Trump’s VP Race

Sen. Tim Scott Leads in Trump's VP Race

Sen. Tim Scott is rapidly rising, making his way up to the ranks of potential running mates for Donald Trump.

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Sen. Tim Scott Leads in Trump’s VP Race

According to a Donald Trump ally who has spoken with both men about the subject thinks it’s “a real possibility” that Sen. Tim Scott will be chosen as Donald Trump’s running mate.

When NBC News enquired some Republicans on this matter if they thought Trump would choose Tim Scott, R-S.C., as his vice presidential candidate, the majority of them said Scott would be open to the idea.

After endorsing the former president before the New Hampshire primary, Scott rose as a possible running mate in the polls.

Scott endorsed Donald Trump last month in front of a gathering of his followers in Concord, New Hampshire, saying, “We need a president who will unite our country—we need Donald Trump.”

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Since then, Scott has been showing his full support on the campaign trail and on television, which has caught the attention of Trump and his allies.

However, some Haley fans were offended by Scott’s sudden and enthusiastic backing of Trump and pointed out that Haley nominated him for the Senate seat during her governorship.

After Trump claimed at his election-night appearance in New Hampshire that Scott had to “really hate” Haley since he had not endorsed her, frustration and disappointment grew among Nikki Haley supporters.

During a campaign rally in the Palmetto State on Saturday, Haley’s son Nalin branded Scott as “Senator Judas.” However, Scott is receiving support from Trump fans, who believe that Scott would be the former president’s running mate.

Scott was also mentioned by Trump in a recent interview with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo when she questioned him about possible vice presidential candidates.

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In that interview, former president Trump remarked, “I called Tim Scott this week, because a lot of people like Tim Scott.”

Sen. Tim Scott Leads in Trump's VP Race
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He added, “I called him, and I said: ‘You are a much better candidate for me than you are for yourself.'”

When asked about his possible choice, he said, “It could be a lot of people.”

Then he added, “But it was interesting. I watched him over the last two weeks. As you know, he endorsed me, fully endorsed me, gave me a beautiful endorsement, and he has been really strong in terms of that, but … I don’t want anybody to take even any inference. But it’s incredible.”

According to a source close to the senator, Trump and Scott have been close since Trump’s Administration, during which they collaborated on multiple legislative objectives like tax cuts, opportunity zones, funding for Black colleges and universities, and criminal justice reform.

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Though it will take some time for Trump to secure the Republican presidential nomination, he has won each of the first four races.

On February 24, Trump is expected to win yet another one in South Carolina, the home state of both Scott and Nikki Haley. Trump will compete against the state’s former governor and the sole significant rival in the race.

As the nominee, Trump has already begun to focus on assuming control of the Republican National Committee, and since then, the speculation about his potential running mate has intensified.

Scott claimed in an interview with CNBC on Thursday that Trump has not made him an offer for the position or “indicated to me anything whatsoever” about joining him as his running mate.

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He added, “He’s not inferred anything whatsoever, but what I can tell you is working towards four more years of low interest rates, low crime, low inflation, is something I’m really interested in doing.”

In addition to Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio, Republican governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem, whom Trump mentioned in the Fox News interview, and Representative Elise Stefanik of New York are other possible candidates that could be selected, apart from Scott.

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