Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide

Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide

Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide- everything that you need to know about parking your vehicle safely.

Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide

This Park may be found in Opa Locka, located in Florida’s Lake County. At the Park, kids and adults can do many different things for fun. You may take some time to relax and unwind in Sherbondy Park, which provides such an opportunity. In your spare time, you are welcome to go on a date, have a picnic, smell the flowers, read a book, practice pranayama, look at the trees, participate in festivities, or listen to music.  Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide The community’s residents are welcome to use the basketball court and baseball field pavilion provided to them. The Center offers classes and a summer camp for children as young as six and teens. The ages of the children visiting here range from 6 to 18. The Park has an after-school program, a summer program, a football field, a baseball field, and some basketball courts. This makes the Park much more relevant for all age groups.


Everyone, whether they live in the area or not, is exempt from paying the fees. You may use the swimming pool from midday till it closes. However, there is a price associated with it. The Park has enough illumination for use during the evening hours of play. The parking area has a good number of spaces available for vehicles.  Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide

Official Shell Parking Options

The Park has a considerably huge parking lot to accommodate enough cars during peak hours in the neighborhood. The parking lot’s cost depends upon the occasion. If any special event happens, then the prices might be hiked up. On normal days and usual hours, the price is generally at a minimal level. The parking prices for Sherbondy Park range from $7 to $13 on a normal day. The daily parking cost is from $13 to $15. Monthly parking costs at Sherbondy Park cost $145 to $165.

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Sherbondy Park Map

The Park is located right behind the Opa Locka City Human Resources department, between Bahman Avenue and Dunad Avenue, and Sharazad Boulevard in the front and back. The Park is a walkable distance from the village’s community center and is the main hub for many more social activities. This makes the roads often busy, especially during times of crisis.

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Sherbondy Park parking tips

 Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide There is generally light traffic in Opa Locka. Perviz Avenue sometimes has mild traffic, majorly passing through the Sherbondy Community Center. So, it is wise to use the connecting road from Dunad Avenue. Since the weather here is mostly sunny but sometimes gets moist, This might affect any events taking place in Sherbondy, but a normal day here is sunny.

Opa Locka city has definite weather conditions, as in all of Florida. Since the Community center and the local NGOs mainly utilize the Park for social work, so it is better to enquire at the Park.

Tailgating in Sherbondy Park

 Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide Driving too closely behind another vehicle without leaving sufficient room to come to a complete stop if the automobile in front of you suddenly comes to a stop is known as “Tailgating.” The safe distance to follow a vehicle is determined by many factors, such as the vehicle’s speed, the weather, the visibility, and the conditions of the roads, especially in Sherbondy due to its congestion.

It’s possible that some counties may insist on a minimum amount of space or time that has passed between the two parties, but it is not allowed in Sherbondy. When driving in less-than-ideal weather or behind a big truck, it’s best to leave more space between you and the car in front of you.

Is tailgating allowed in Sherbondy?

 Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide When tailgating, it is dangerous for the person doing the tailgating to go too close to a large vehicle. This decreases the driver’s capacity to respond swiftly, the driver’s awareness of the world around them, and the driver’s margin for error. If the car in front of them suddenly slows down, there is a good chance that the car behind them will get hit from behind. If this happens, the driver behind them will be held financially responsible for the accident by their insurance plans, especially if they are dealing with traffic, traffic lights, pedestrians, etc.

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Public transit to Sherbondy Park

 Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking Guide There are two bus stations (Sharazad Blvd & Perviz Ave Stop ID: SZDBPER3 and Pervaiz Av & Sharar Ave Stop ID: PRVVSHR1) at the front (near Sherbondy Community Center) and the back (near the Human Resources Centre). Sharazad Bd@Perviz Av (Stop ID: SZDBPER3) is another bus station near the community center. All these stations are at a walkable distance from the Park and are approachable from all nearby stations. Still, the bus timings broadly differ depending upon weather and traffic conditions in Opa Locka.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Sherbondy Park Auditorium Parking GuideWhat’s the location of Sherbondy Park?

The Park is located at 380 Bahman Street, Opa-Locka, FL 33054.

Any information about how to get in touch with Sherbondy Park?

The Park can be reached at +1 (305) 953-28-75 during working hours.

When will Sherbondy Park be open?

The Park is open for business from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Weekend availability depends upon the events happening there.

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