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Tamara Lich net worth, bio, wiki, height, weight, age, husband, family, etc

Tamara Lich is a famous Canadian politician who served as a board director for the right-wing of the Maverick Party, a federal political party of Western Canada. She currently resides in Saskatchewan Prairies, Canada and is closely associated with the Wildrose Independence Party, a separatist party that works for the independence of Alberta and the adjoining provinces in Western Canada.

Tamara Lich hailed as “the spark that lit the fire”

Tamara Lich has recently been described as “the spark that lit the fire” of the ongoing protest by Canadian truckers against the COVID-19 vaccine protocols required to re-enter the country by road which was introduced by the Canadian government on 15th January, 2022. This protest has been named as the ‘Freedom Convoy’. 

It officially began on 22nd January, 2022 as a peaceful demonstration by the truckers but soon morphed into a much disruptive force. According to reports, the protestors gathered in downtown Ottawa near Parliament Hill where their demands grew to include the removal of all such mandates throughout the nation. 

A state of emergency has just been issued by the mayor of Ottawa after more than a week of protest. There have been reports of threats against residential safety that include racial attacks and harassment. The centre of Ottawa city has been paralysed by a number of vehicles and tents blocking major roads.

Lich was among the organisers of a ‘GoFundMe’ campaign that was organised for the demonstration by the truckers. The campaign raised more that 10 million dollars through donations but was frozen a few days ago. The GoFundMe firm only supports peaceful demonstration, thus, in lieu of the trucker’s demonstration resorting to violence and other unlawful activities, the firm has decided to refund all the money directly to the donors. 

With their GoFundMe account frozen, the occupation leaders now face a 9.8 million dollar lawsuit filed by Ottawa lawyer, Paul Champ in the Superior Court of Justice seeking 4.8 million dollars in damages for “private nuisance” along with 5 million dollars in punitive damages for the residents of the national capital.

Tamara Lich has also previously been associated with similar protests, though not so impactful by nature. She is on the radar of the Canadian Anti – Hate Network for her association with the “Yellow – Vest” and the much smaller “United we Roll” truckers protests back in 2019. 

Personal info and Net Worth

Not much has been disclosed about Tamara’s personal life. She is 40-45(approx) years of age. She is married but the names of her husband and children are currently unknown. She is a Christian by religion. Her net worth, as of 2022, is approximately 1 million dollars.

Early Life and Career

Tamara Lich was born in 1976 – 1981 in Saskatchewan Prairies, Canada where she was raised by her parents (names currently unknown). She completed school and graduated from Saskatchewan Prairies. 

Lich was a fitness instructor before entering politics. She sings and plays the guitar for a Medicine Hat bar band known as Blind Monday. She started her political activities three years ago when she joined hands with Wexit, which was later incorporated into the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta. Eventually, she and her husband moved to Manitoba after which she left Wildrose to serve as an original member of the governing council of the Maverick Party. 

Lich resigned from the Maverick Party just this week to devote all her time to the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest.

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    More like an organizer of a bunch of teenagers. Barking, selfish ignoramuses that want their “rights” but no responsibility. Go back to your bar band.

    • When has it been ok to be fired for a personal medical choice. When has it been ok to be denied access to indoor events for a person medical choice. It isn’t science if restrictions depend on geographic location. Think

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