Tate Reeves Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Tate Reeves Net Worth - How Much Is He Worth

Want to know about the net worth of the Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

Being a controversial figure, Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi, is often in the news for many reasons. First, he is running for reelection as a Republican candidate for Mississippi’s upcoming general election.

Second, Reeves has been heavily criticized since a recent investigation revealed that 15 of his campaign donors have received nearly $1.4 billion in state contracts or grants after he entered office as Governor in 2020.

He is suspected of using his political position to benefit his family businesses.

As such, people want to know about his wealth. Hence, we have this post detailing Tate Reeves’s net worth in 2023 with other information about the Governor’s earnings, biography and more.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Tate Reeves Net Worth 2023


As of 2023, Tate Reeves net worth is estimated at $1-$5 million. His wealth is the result of his professional political career and his astute investments.

Tate Reeves Salary And Earnings

Tate Reeves primarily earns his income through his political position. As of 2023, according to the Council of State Governments, Tate Reeves earns $122,160 yearly as Mississippi’s Governor. With this salary, he is ranked 28th among U.S. Governors in terms of salary.

Reeves also owns a family business,  Southern Air Conditioning & Supply Inc., a heating and air conditioning company, through which he must be earning profit. However, we don’t have exact details regarding his profit amount.

In addition to his salary as Governor and family business, Reeves earns a good income through public speaking engagements and in royalty amounts from authoring books.

Overall, Tate Reeves is a rich politician and investor with a net worth of between $1 and $5 million.

Tate Reeves Biography And Early Life

Tate Reeves Biography And Early Life

Full name Tate Reeves
Date of birth June 5, 1974
Place of birth Rankin County, Mississippi, United States
Parents Terry Reeves and Dianne Peeples
Education Florence High School, Florence, Mississippi; Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi (B.A. in Economics)
Early career Chartered Financial Analyst at Park South Corporation (a subsidiary of the Deposit Guaranty National Bank), Financial Portfolio Manager at Trustmark National Bank
Political party Republicans
Current position Governor of Mississippi
Tate Reeves Net worth $1-5 million

Tate Reeves is an American politician serving as the 65th governor of Mississippi since 2020. He is a Republican Party member who acted as the 53rd Mississippi State Treasurer from 2004-2012 and the 32nd lieutenant governor of Mississippi from 2012 to 2020.

Regarding his early life, Tate Reeves, originally Jonathan Tate Reeves, was born in Florence, Mississippi, on June 5, 1974. He is 49 years old. His father, Terry Reeves, owns a heating and air conditioning company that he established in 1975. His mother is Dianne Peeples.

Reeves attended Florence High School in Florence. He then attended Millsaps College in Jackson and obtained his degree in economics in 1996.

After graduation, Reeves began his career as a Chartered Financial Analyst at Park South Corporation, a subsidiary of the Deposit Guaranty National Bank, which later merged into AmSouth.

He became a financial portfolio manager in 2000 at Trustmark National Bank, where he worked until 2003 and then resigned to run for State treasurer.

Reeves became the 53rd Mississippi State Treasurer in 2004. He was the first Republican elected to the position in Mississippi history, and he served until 2012.

In February 2011, he ran for the position of lieutenant governor and became the 32nd lieutenant governor of Mississippi in 2012.

Reeves was president of the state Senate during his tenure as lieutenant governor. In this position, he prevented Medicaid expansion from receiving a floor vote and increased gas tax to finance roads and damaged bridge repair in Mississippi.

On November 3, 2015, Reeves won the reelection against three opponents and continued to serve as lieutenant governor of Mississippi.

Reeves decided to run for the Governor of Mississippi in the 2019 election. He won the nomination and also the general election. He became the 65th governor of Mississippi in 2020 and continues to serve his position till date.

Reeves assumed office as Governor on January 14, 2020, and his current term ends on January 9, 2024.

Tate Reeves Business

Tate Reeve owns a family business, Southern Air Conditioning & Supply Inc., a heating and air conditioning company founded by his father in 1975.

Another family business connected to Reeves is Snapshot Publishing, a printing business owned by his sister-in-law Leigh Reeves. The business received around $800k in taxpayer-funded contracts from the State of  Mississippi since Reeves became lieutenant Governor.

Recently, Mississippi Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brandon Presley has criticized Leigh Reeves’ business for making around $1 million in profit through various contracts with the state government, the Reeves campaign, and his inaugural committee after he became lieutenant governor in 2012.

Presley said, “Tate Reeves’ family business is corrupt, and it’s wrong that his family has personally profited from hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer contracts during his time in office.

“Tate Reeves’ dad underwrote his political career, and now Tate Reeves’ family has made nearly $800,000 in taxpayer money off state government, $150,000 from his secret inaugural fund, and thousands more off his campaign,” added Presley.

Additionally, another business which is linked to Reeves is Coker & Palmer, Inc., an insurance agency where his wife, Elee Reeves, is a financial advisor.

The insurance agency reportedly received a federal loan during the COVID-19 pandemic. But Reeves has said that he did not know about the loan.

He has also noted that he has no role in these businesses.

However, he has been accused of using his political positions to benefit his family businesses. Such allegations are made because the businesses have received government contracts and loans while he is a governor, and Tate Reeves growth in net worth is also a part of these allegations.

Tate Reeves Wife And Daughter

Tate Reeves Wife And Daughter
Credit- Mississippi free Press

Tate Reeves’ wife is Elee Reeves, whom he married in November 2001.

Elee Reeves is an investment advisor with Coker & Palmer Insurance Agency. She is a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Society of Mississippi and the Chartered Financial Institute.

Tate Reeves’s Wife, Elee Williams Reeves, was born and raised in Tylertown, where she attended McComb High School. She obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from Millsaps College in Jackson.

As for Tate Reeves’s daughter, he and his wife have three daughters: Tyler, Emma and Maddie. His family has close connections with the First Baptist Church of Jackson, Mississippi.

Tate Reeves Education

Reeves attended Florence High School in Florence. Later, he enrolled in Millsaps College in Jackson, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics in 1996.

Tate Reeves Approval Rating

Tate Reeves Approval Rating
Credit- The Hill

Tate Reeves is running for reelection in the 2023 general election to win the position of Governor of Mississippi again. His opponent is Democrat Brandon Presley. The election is scheduled to take place on November 7, 2023.

According to a recent poll, Reeves is ahead of Presley by 11 points in the November general election.

The poll surveyed 650 likely Mississippi voters between August 20-28 and found that 52% of voters approve of Reeves, while 41% would support Presley. 6% of voters were still deciding, and 1% said they wouldn’t vote.

In April, the poll showed Reeves leading against Presley by 11 points, with 49% approval chances.

The January polling showed Reeves with a 4-point lead over Presley, with a 43% approval rating compared to his opponent’s 39%, while 14% reported undecided.

In conclusion, the polls show Reeves gaining the most votes in the general election despite people’s issues with his political policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tate Reeves Net Worth?

According to our recent 2023 estimation, Tate Reeves’s net worth is between $1 and $5 million.

How is Tate Reeves’ performance as the Governor of Mississippi perceived by the public?

Reeves’ has received both praise and criticism as the Governor of Mississippi. Many people applaud him for his COVID-19 management strategy, while some denounce him for other issues. However, he is a favourite among the Mississippians for his governance.

Who is Tate Reeves’ wife?

Tate Reeves is married to Elee Reeves, an investment advisor at Coker & Palmer Insurance Agency.

How much does Tate Reeves earn yearly?

Tate Reeves earns $122,160 yearly as the Governor of Mississippi. His salary will reportedly increase to $160,000 annually in 2024.

Does Tate Reeves have children?

Yes. Tate Reeves has three daughters, Tyler, Emma and Maddie, with his wife, Elee Reeves.


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