Trump to Testify Again Next Month in Civil Fraud Trial

Trump to Testify Again Next Month in Civil Fraud Trial

Former President Donald Trump is expected to testify in his civil fraud lawsuit trial next month.

Here are the details of the news.

Trump To Testify Again Next Month In Civil Fraud Trial

The United States former President Donald Trump reportedly plans to testify next month in Trump’s ongoing civil fraud case trials in New York.

Attorney General Letitia James filed a case against Trump, accusing him of overestimating his business value to show profits by billions of dollars so that the former President could get low-rate loans from banks.

She claimed that his company misled lenders and insurers by giving them fake financial statements about his company, the Trump Organization’s net worth.

Last month, Trump took the witness stand and testified in the case, stating, “I’m worth billions of dollars more than the financial statements. This is the opposite of fraud. The fraud is her (James Letitia).”

Trump to Testify Again Next Month in Civil Fraud Trial
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His lawyer, Christopher Kise, said the former President would again testify in the case trial on December 11, 2023.

As per the reports, Trump’s lawyer will begin questioning in the upcoming trial and can ask about related subjects while cross-examining former Presidents and James’s previous statements in the case.

While James’ attorney, Andrew Amer, has disregarded the other documents, arguing that the case is all about Trump’s overall financial statements, Trump’s company executive has claimed that the company does not produce fake financial statements.

The chief operating officer of the Trump Organization’s hotel arm, Hawthorn, said, “The company continues to prepare various audits and other financial reports specific to some of its components, but there is no roll-up financial statement of the company.”

Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing Trump’s civil fraud case, has already ruled that Trump is guilty of committing fraud by increasing his business value to deceive lenders.

However, the trials are continuing to decide on the remaining charges against Trump, including conspiracy, insurance fraud and falsifying business records.

This month, Donald Trump Jr distanced himself from the Trump Organization’s finances case by saying he had no control over Trump’s finances.

Attorney General James argues that the former President should be fined $300 million in penalties. She also demanded that Trump be banned from conducting business practices in New York.

Trump is facing four other criminal lawsuits, including his hush-money payment case, Trump classified documents case, and Trump’s 2020 election conspiracy case. Still, as per several polls, he is the leading candidate for the 2024 GOP nomination.

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