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Truth Social android launch date

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Update 12 October 2022: As Truth Social has Been Approved by the play store we are enabled to download it. so there is no more wait that we have done. After waiting a long Period The Android User Can Use the Truth Social App On his Android Device Because Play Store has Removed banned from the Truth Social App to further Download. so Now You can Easly Use the app on your Device without any trouble.

Update August 3, 2022 – Truth Social Android app is available for pre-order. You can sign up in the Play Store to have it auto-download or be notified when it’s available.

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With all of the blunders surrounding the iPhone launch, Trump’s team is likely to try to remedy some of the app’s faults before moving through with a larger-scale deployment of the Android version of Truth Social.

On Twitter, a number of fans have inquired as to when the Truth Social Android version is slated for launch. Truth Social is now available on the iPhone. Trump’s team and the Android store have now set a solid date for the event: March 21st. Truth Social is set for an end-of-March release, but just the Android version, not the iOS version, which was published on President’s Day as planned.


Jimmy Fallon discusses Truth Social’s launch amid other hilarious anecdotes

In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube last year for inciting violence and spreading disinformation. The former president’s ban is now indefinite, and Twitter quickly deactivated another account he attempted to start. Trump is currently facing a two-year Facebook ban and an indefinite YouTube ban. Former President Donald Trump announced the launch of his own social app, Truth Social, in October 2021, following his suspension from most major social media networks in the United States.


Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi and Julie Hyman highlight Digital World Acquisition stock, which was trending as Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, went live

Truth Social is modeled after Twitter, and many people regard it as a rip-off of the popular social media platform. Despite the fact that Trump and his team declared the app to be “politically prejudice-free” on the app store, it is being described as an alt-right platform, akin to Parler or Gab, due to its originator and founding ideals. Following the app’s bumpy launch, a 150,000-strong line has formed to establish an account on Truth Social.

Truth Social’s alt-right forerunners, including Parler, have since been taken down from the app store for inciting violence and spreading false information.

Given the failure of its predecessors, it’s unclear how long Truth Social will be available to the general public. Although, based on its App Store ranking of #1 after only 12 hours of release, it appears like Truth Social is in for a smooth ride.

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