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How to join Truth Social App waitlist

Join truth social media app waitlist

Update 12 October 2022: The Waiting List is going to be over here because the play store has approved the Truth Social to download on Android Devices. In August 2022 the app was banned by Play Store Download on Android Devices. But Now We can make it done and Download it to our Android Device.

Waiting for the android users is now over, Truth Social app was Relishead but in August 2022 the App was banned by google Playstore for downloading Further on Android devices. But Now the waiting period over the Play Store has been approved to Download on Android Devices.

Overview: In this article, we’ve written about how to join Truth Social App Waitlist.
Truth Social recently got launched and is available to download on Apple Appstore. The social media app was launched on 21 February 2022. The app is currently trending on Apple App Store and is #1 in Social Networking.
The app was available to download before 21 February 2022 at midnight ET. Users can create truth social accounts but due to massive demand, every user is on the waitlist.
Every user who has created an account on truth social will receive an email notification once their account is ready to use.
Truth Social Signup Guide 7

Truth Social has been recently launched check our guide to   How to create a new account on Truth Social – Sign Up / Login to Truth Social

Former US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, 20 October, announced the impending launch of his own social media network named “TRUTH Social.
He stated he established this network intending to offer a voice to everyone. The United States is not what we have known of before, the USA has turned itself into a country that censors true free speech every day.
The former Republican president is certainly not the one who can be bow down in front of all these social media giants. In this article, we are going to have a look at how to join the Truth Social Media app waitlist. Make sure you read this article till the end

Video Explanation of Truth Social App – Watch Video below


Full Guide –  Steps to Pre-order Truth Social app by Donald Trump

What Is The Truth Social Media App By Donald Trump?

Truth Social media app is America’s “Big Tent” social media network established by the former president, Donald Trump. That’s why the TRUTH social app is also being described as the Trump social media app. 
It is owned by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) and sold on Appstore through T Media Tech LLC, which is owned by the TMTG organization.
TMTG promotes an open, free and honest worldwide conversation without differences in political viewpoints. The ideology behind the launch of truth social is Truth and Free speech.

Truth Social Media App Features Explained

Truth social media app has all the features of popular social media apps that are there in the market like FB, Twitter, etc., and has some even better and optimized features, let’s have a look at them. As per the first look, it has features like feed, search, and repost which resembles the major social media giant Twitter.

One can express their individuality by customizing their profile, avatar, and background. One can also Start monitoring their
connections via the history of your posts and likes, along with followers and following numbers.
Truth Social is building a social media platform for truth and free speech for all. A place where everyone is free to speak their mind despite their political and religious beliefs. 

1. Truth Feed

Get the scoop on the newest ideas and actions from the people, organizations, and news sources that interest you. The TRUTH feed includes all the posts you follow with the aid of thumbnail pictures, links, etc. The truth feed will be the homepage of the app.

2. Search

Truth Social begins to get fascinating as you interact with others. Find voices that interest you and simply follow them from the search list or check out their profile before making a choice.

3. Notifications

Stay active as you develop a following. See who is following you and who is engaging with your truth. Get notified when your favorite profiles post/repost.
Get notified about the posts that are trending on the app by using the notification option that is inbuilt within the truth social app. You can always control these notifications on your iOS and Android devices.

How To Join Truth Social Media App On Android?

Truth Social media android

Donald Trump Social Media App or Truth Social App is now available for pre-order on Apple
Appstore. Unfortunately, It has not been released on Android devices yet. As soon as the “Trump Truth Social App” will be
available for Android, you may follow the steps provided below to join Truth social media app waitlist on Android:
  • To download the Truth Social for android, you need to open the Google Play store first.
  • Then type “Truth Social” and search for it.
  • Once you locate it, select the app which is released by T Media Tech LLC.
  • After that click on the Install button and Wait for it to be installed properly.

How To Join Truth’s Social Media App On iPhone? 

Truth social media ios download

Currently, Trump social media app or Truth Social is available for Pre-Order, you can simply Pre-Order and pre-register using the following website and instructions. because it is accessible on the Apple Appstore for iPhone, iPad, and iOS users. Follow these steps to register for Truth social media by Donald Trump on iPhone:
  • First of all, you need to go to Apple Appstore to Pre-order the app.
  • Then search the “Truth Social” or “trump social media app” in the search box. 
  • You must choose the app released by T Media Tech LLC. ( Important step )
  • Finally, Tap on the pre-order option and install it on your iPhone. 

Get Truth Social App for iPhone

How To Join Truth Social Media Waitlist Online?

Truth Social media website

You may simply join the Truth Social Trump waiting list by following these steps: 
  • The waitlist is available on the Truth social website. You can also fill out our form to get notified once the app is released and other app-related help and tricks articles.

  • Alternatively, Visit Truth’s social website.
  • Then see the “Join The Waiting list!” form. 
  • Now, provide your First name, Last name, and email address.
  • Next click on the registration button.

You will be enrolled on the waitlist and further information will be provided to you in your inbox. Hope this article helped you find all the relevant information you needed regarding the truth social app and its launch. You can browse other truth social related topics by clicking here

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    • hey i’m jack And I want to tell something about your article, you are completely copy pasting the article from Technoid. You have no idea to write your own article.

    • Yeahhhhhh I cant wait to hear the Truth thanks #president #Trump ❤️❤️❤️Cause #twitter is #boring You do have it crunk,Please hurry up I’m already pre-approve

    • Big Trump supporter and fully believe in free speech, freedom and the Constitution but being an android user I can’t get it. Sad thing for the android users that support Trump and his social media

    • The APP doesn’t come up on my search on APPs for ‘ Truth ‘ , Trump , anything ..
      I’ve signed up for news letter , but cannot locate ‘ pre order ‘ anywhere
      iPad or iPhone …. Very frustrating…




    • Yes it’s not a good thing Android users have no way to get on this new platform. Why would that be only rich people can afford iPhones.

    • I already signed up on the prelist but I am getting about five messages each day asking why I have not signed up yet. Am I not on the list?

    • jdp notes, truth social is not totally away from big tech, if they want to shut it down. The APP thru Apple or other, is a prime example if turned off by the app host where does one go to get access. Should be a stand alone Trump APP. where no one else can turn it off. Its going to be great least for a while until the big tech censers try to do something.


      • The night our President was forced off Twitter……….Headed straight to my screen and deleted not only twitter but facebook also.

    • Is it true that truth social is NOT available for Android???
      If so, why??..
      A vast majority of people use the Android system.
      Very disappointing in deed

    • I have an old iphone that I’ve been using forever. Agreed, maybe more commies use the iphone?? That doesn’t mean that I’m one. Now, I may just get myself an Android too for this….don’t know. I’ve done all I can to be a part of this coming tsunami of Truth. I’m excited. Is anyone else feeling this? Ha, ha. I’m sure you all are!

    • David Miller what’s to join President Trumps Social Media site and by the way, have a VERY HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS. You haven’t loss me but, finances are tight because of President Biden and the Democrats running up the DEBT FOOLISHLY. God Bless ALL that Support our country and, our citizen’s.

    • Is this not going to be available on a regular desk top or lap top computer? If not, I can’t use it. Why not? The bad guys are.

    • Awesome ! Can’t wait and long overdue. May God be with you and those who work with you to save our Great Nation.

    • Must have for a degoogled android phone too. As big tech has got to be banned and censored from our lives forever

    • Americans are suffering under Democrats. It’s like they are Communist,and are trying to make the US a communist. I am a Trump supporter. Android needs to be able to get the Truth Social app.

    • Those who do not believe in America or our Constitution..question: why are you here ? Go to another country that supports your views. This is America!
      Home of the free and land of the brave! Move on if you don’t like our founding fathers & foundation!

    • I cannot sign-up for wait list, I get a error that this site is protected from Hackers, and is ran by cloudflare.

      Oh well, Just one more thing that doesn’t really work

    • Google must be blocking Truth Social, released by T Media Tech LLC. The only app that pops up is Mega Something. Why didnt you provide the website link in your article?

    • Pity about the delay on the Android app. My “guesstimate” is there are more android users worldwide than iPhone.
      Anyhow, am also patiently waiting for all truths to be revealed.
      Best luck in the launch this week!

    • It doesn’t work This is worse than obama s health web site when it came out in the days of internet don’t launch a social media site if you have people on a waiting list this will lose many voters

      • Join our Telegram channel to get notified about the Android Release of Truth Social
        Telegram Channel Link –

    • Agree. I’ve been waiting since the Qdrop to get “Trump’s” Social media network. We were told, and here it is……For Apple..
      That’s the equivalent of a frigging Subaru. All Democrats.

    • Looking for real time-line for android users OR for those who just want it on their computers at home!!!

    • Beloved Truth Social Team: I’ve been trying to sign up with Truth Social on my iPad from day one and, every time I attempt it, I get to the point where you send me an email confirmation. After pressing the confirmation button, the consistent result has been and is today: Something Went Wrong. Try again.

      Kindly help me. I’d sure appreciate it.

    • Beloved Truth Social Team: I’ve been trying to sign up with Truth Social on my iPad from day one and, every time I attempt it, I get to the point where you send me an email confirmation. After pressing the confirmation button, the consistent result has been and is today: Something Went Wrong. Try again.

      Kindly help me. I’d sure appreciate it.

      I’ve never said anything on Truth Social before.

    • Would like to see Truth Social app be made available for Andriod ASAP, please.
      I can’t afford an IPhone & I imagine there are a lot of other people in this same position. I have been a Trump supporter from the beginning.


      • Join our telegram channel to get notified of Truth Social Android App Release

        Link –

    • I joined in the very beginning but have an Android so can’t get on. 🙁 How long before I can join and is there another provider you can use other than Google which is a spy for our personal info. Thank you!!

    • April 1 is nearly here and Android users are still in the dark. No Truth Social ! Hopefully soon ! Thank you President Trump.

    • Why as an Android user does it say sign up for the waiting list for Android users and then when you click on it it just says the same thing all over again how it’s not available for Android blah blah blah. I can’t even get on the list

      • Yes, you can Only Join Using Web Version & IOS version so if you have both of them then congratulations you are ready to share the Truth.

    • When are you going to have Truth Social available for Android phones. I thought that this app is for ALL people not just people with Apple phones. Not good leaving out a good majority of Mr. Trumps voters.

      • Yes, you are Right But Google is yet Approved for Android Lovers. So It would Come for Android User In a Couple Of Months. You would also have the power to share the truth.

    • I have not been able to use my truth social app for over a week. Getting network failure. Tried deleting & reinstalling with no luck. Tried signing out & changing password, no luck. Tried creating new acct, no luck. WTH…..!!

      • Hi Roseann,
        Sorry For the problem that you have faced it may be caused to Server Issue, we All Know that Truth Social is Still under Development so For that It may Be Technical Gltith Please wait for further Updates comes from Truth Social Until you may join Our Telegram for More Update.

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