Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1: Take a look at everything which are meant to be started and from when

Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1

Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1: Lockdown period has been extended in the country, but it is estimated as unlock 1.0, not lockdown 5.0. This is because everything is not going to remain closed in this period. 

Many services are temporarily permitted. The lockdown will stay firmly in the containment zone of the corona infection until June 30.  The government has named it Unlock 1.0, indicating the government is going to provide a discount now. It simply means that life can soon come back on track. 

The central part is to increase the scope of freedom. Unlock 1.0 will have several stages. The first phase is going to start on June 8. 

Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1

This is the new guideline of the government

Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1
Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1

The Ministry of Home Affairs has released new guidelines for Lockdown 5. Now some relaxation will be given by circumrotation outside the Containment Zone.

But now it will be entirely and strictly banned here. Yes, it is sure that there will be complete exemption outside the Containment Zone.  This new government guideline is from June 1 to June 30. According to this new guideline, all types of religious places of worship, hotels, restaurants, other hospitality services and shopping malls will be opened from June 8. 

The Central Government will soon issue a guideline for these places. Schools and colleges can be opened in the second phase in July.

Night curfew shall prevail to continue

Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1
Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1

Night curfew will continue in the country. However, the evening will not be valid for the essential things during this period.  The government will make a decision later on the opening of school colleges and educational institutions.

Now you can Travel from one state to another

Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1
Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1

The government has lifted the ban on moving from one state to another. Now people will be able to move from one district to another in any land, but they have to follow the physical distance entirely there. 

Not only this but there will also be no need to take any permission before going anywhere.

These will be the rules, and there will be restrictions and exemptions

Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1
Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1

Night curfew period has been revised. Now the action of persons will be restricted from 9 am to 5 pm across the country.

  • Two yards distance still have to be maintained.
  • Wearing masks will be mandatory in public places.
  • There will be a maximum of 50 guests at weddings.
  • Up to 20 people can attend the death ceremony.
  • Spitting gutkha and paan in public places will be a punishable offense.
  • The night curfew will remain in the country till June 30.
  • States will decide on the opening of schools and colleges.
  • All restrictions will apply in the Containment Zone.
  • Religious places, hotels, and restaurants can be opened from June 8.
  • Passenger buses will start operating in Himachal Pradesh from June 1. It has been allowed.
  • Collectors of the respective district within the buffer zone can decide what restrictions are to be maintained there.
  •  Depending on the assessment of the states, union territories may ban certain activities outside.
  • International air travel, metro train, cinema hall, gym, resumption of these services after assessing the situation is yet to be decided.
  • Shopping malls will be opened from June 8 as per the order of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Public, hotels, restaurants and religious places have been allowed to begin from June 8.

Lockdown extended in Madhya Pradesh till June 30, CM announces

Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1
Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1

The lockdown in Madhya Pradesh has been extended till June 15. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has announced it himself.  The number of coronavirus infections is increasing in the state, due to which the state government has taken this decision. 

The number of corona infections in the country has reached 7645. In the last 24 hours, 192 new cases of corona infection have been found.  So far 334 people have lost their lives due to corona in Madhya Pradesh, while 4269 people have also recovered from Covid-19.

No concession in contaminated areas in Madhya Pradesh

Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1
Unlock 1.0 Begins On June 1

The state government is in favor of extending the lockdown by June 15 because of the rapidly growing corona transition in Madhya Pradesh.  It does not intend to make any concession in containment areas.  However, some more relief is being considered in the Green Zone. Right now the government is also in favor of opening the schools after June 13, but the final decision will be taken after a few more days of transition.

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