Watch Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Tate: Explosive Interview of All Time

Watch Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Tate - Explosive Interview of All Time

Watch Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Tate – Andrew Tate, who has always somehow been able to garner the limelight, was latest seen with Alex jones, a far-right and alt-right radio show host and prominent conspiracy theorist, on the Alex Jones Show.

Alex Jones and Andrew Tate discussed free speech and strategic censorship on various social media platforms for almost 55 minutes in a recent podcast.

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Watch Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Tate

Watch Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Tate – Summary

Watch Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Tate - Summary
Watch Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Tate – Summary

Alex presented Andrew Tate as the most searched personality on the Internet over the past six months and confronted Andrew Tate about his social media bans.

To this, Andrew claimed that he was attacked very ingeniously and explained how he was banned from uploading videos on YouTube for a week after receiving a strike and a similar treatment followed by nearly every major service, including Airbnb and all major social media and online payment services.

Alex asked Andrew why he was being pursued so much, and Andrew answered that it was because he encouraged others to think for themselves, which is seen as a threat to the status quo.

When a major corporation decides to ban an individual, they monitor how the public reacts on social media in real-time, and to avoid looking tyrannical after they ban you, they lie about you in the media and paint a negative picture to portray you as the worst possible person to convince the public that your ban was necessary and beneficial, allowing them to avoid legal consequences for their illegal behavior.

Andrew then elaborated on why he believes this trend of widespread censorship across social media platforms is so well thought out. He described it as a strategy that was ultimately employed against Donald Trump. He said it’s a threat assessment form, marking off the dominant male figures who make them feel uneasy. People like Andrew and Donald Trump threaten their global and mental control goals and must be eliminated.

When they tell the world’s population that eliminating us is the key to their safety, they’re not telling the whole story. To maintain control, they eliminate the potential sources of resistance, a false reality is reported, and people are duped.

Alex Jones and Andrew Tate also shared their views on science and Covid. According to Andrew, no one has dared speak out against the lockdown policies over the past three years, despite their obvious harshness.

These restrictions are excessive and cause more harm to society than the virus ever could. They are actively waging war against scientific progress. They need a community of like-minded followers to brainwash the public effectively and a simulated environment that doesn’t exist.

Since Alex and Andrew agreed that his suspension was unjust because he had never violated the terms of service, they also discussed an impending change.

According to Andrew, people everywhere are aware of this biasedness now and tend to side with him. More people talking about it, discussing it, telling others, and educating others will make it more difficult to keep the curtain drawn. According to Andrew, we’re now in a situation where the left has complete control, but he thinks we’re entering a transitional period.

They can silence you, but even though they say you’re banned, anyone who types your name into many of these matrix LED platforms can still find videos of you.

Besides this, Alex and Tate talk about various things in the interview. Therefore, we recommend you watch Alex Jones Interviews Andrew Tate.

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