Watch Donald Trump Announces Plan To Stop Big Tech Censorship

Watch Donald Trump Announces Plan To Stop Big Tech Censorship

Watch Donald Trump Announces Plan To Stop Big Tech Censorship – After keeping mum about his 2024 campaign agenda since announcing his third run for President last month, Former President Donald Trump released his first policy plan on Thursday, outlining his goals to promote free speech online and prevent the government from colluding with big tech platforms as they have in recent years.

He has promised to take several actions within hours of his inauguration in 2025 if he is successful in the Republican primary and general election.

Watch Donald Trump Announces Plan To Stop Big Tech Censorship

The 45th president published a video on Truth Social outlining the various measures he would take as President to outlaw censorship by government agencies and major tech companies.

Among these is Trump’s promise to sign an executive order prohibiting federal departments and agencies from working with non-governmental organizations or tech giants to censor Americans’ free expression. Another shot across the bow of the Joe Biden administration’s attempt to establish a “Disinformation Governance Board” was his promise to prevent federal funds from being used to label domestic speech as disinformation.

And he said he’d start firing “every federal bureaucrat” who has engaged in domestic censorship at agencies like DHS, HHS, the FBI, DOJ, and others.

To prevent the Biden administration, Biden campaign, and Silicon Valley tech companies who own social media platforms from destroying documents that may incriminate them for the things Trump hopes to go after, Trump also urged the new Republican majority in the House to “immediately send preservation letters.”

The entire corrupt system of censorship and information control will be dismantled “when I’m president,” he promised. Nothing will be preserved.

Watch Donald Trump Announces Plan To Stop Big Tech Censorship – Summary

Watch Donald Trump Announces Plan To Stop Big Tech Censorship

President Trump outlined measures he will take to protect the right to free expression –

  • Sign an executive order prohibiting federal agencies from working with private entities to suppress, restrict, label, or otherwise interfere with the lawful expression of American citizens.
  • Forbid the use of taxpayer dollars to censor speech within the United States.
  • Immediately begin the process of identifying and dismissing any federal bureaucrats who have participated in domestic censorship in any capacity, whether they be from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, or any other agency.
  • In order to remove large online platforms from the censorship business, lobby Congress to send a bill to his desk revising Section 230. The Section 230 immunity shield will now be available only to digital platforms that adhere to stringent norms of neutrality, transparency, fairness, and non-discrimination.
  • In addition to drastically limiting their ability to censor lawful speech, he would mandate that these platforms make greater efforts to remove illegal content, such as child exploitation and terrorism promotion.
  • Dismantle the entire poisonous censorship industry that has sprung up to combat “mis” and “disinformation.”
  • Universities in the United States should lose federal research funding and student loan support for five years or more if they are engaged in censorship activities or election interference like flagging social media content for removal or blacklisting.
  • Pass new legislation outlining strict criminal penalties for federal bureaucrats who collude with private entities to circumvent the Constitution and strip Americans of their First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights (i.e., their right to vote).
  • To address the issue of platforms being infiltrated by any former deep staters and intelligence officials like the FBI, CIA, NSA, DNI, DHS, and DOD, a seven-year cooling-off period should elapse before they can start working at a company that has vast quantities of U.S. user data.
  • Create a bill of online rights. One essential element is this is a guarantee of digital due process. in other words; content should only be removed in response to a court order, not a request for data. Further, users of major online platforms should have the right to be notified when their content or accounts are removed, throttled, shadowbanned, or otherwise restricted, regardless of the user’s chosen username, and they should be allowed to appeal the decision in a timely manner. In addition, anyone over 18 should be able to choose not to have their content moderated or curated in any way and instead receive an unfiltered feed of data.
  • Finally, he stated that the “fight for free speech” is “a matter of victory or death for America and the survival of Western Civilization itself.”

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