Watch Leaders for Life | Documentary Online

Watch Leaders for Life Documentary Online

Watch Leaders for Life | Documentary Online – The pro-life movement isn’t just about protecting infants; it’s also about resisting the government’s creep toward totalitarianism and shining a light on the covert takeover of our schools.

A movie made in 2020 about the same thing is garnering a lot of limelight right now. Watch Leaders for Life documentary by Frank Panico uses archival footage to tell the unfiltered transition tale of Norma McCorvey, the real-life Jane Roe in the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case, and describes how the case was constructed on lies and how the pro-abortion lobby used her to further their mission of killing the unborn.

Watch Leaders for Life documentary also features shocking interviews with pro-abortion activists who openly worship Satan, proving that abortion is a ritual sacrifice to them.

Watch Leaders for Life | Documentary Online


Leaders for Life is an inspiring but emotionally taxing documentary that offers content that could be pivotal in altering people’s minds on all sides of the abortion debate.

The interviewees make compelling points by dissecting their perplexity and the sin of murder.

Note – To watch the Leaders for Life Documentary online, you will have to rent the documentary from TheEpochTimes.

Leaders for Life | Documentary Overview

Leaders for Life Documentary Overview
Leaders for Life Documentary Overview

Abortion is a matter of life and death in the United States, and the Leaders for Life is a breakthrough documentary that skillfully ties together the many fascinating aspects of this topic.

In addition to a deep respect for our country, the documentary is founded on a firm Christian and biblical worldview. From the opening minutes, it’s obvious that Leaders for Life documentary supports protecting human life at any cost and focuses on life’s worth and the pro-life movement’s fight for that worth in light of American exceptionalism, religious liberty, and the Judeo-Christian biblical principles upon which the country was built.

These are the three main topics discussed in the documentary, Leaders for Life –

Story of Norma

The genuine tale of the late Norma McCorvey’s change of heart is courageously portrayed through the raw footage gathered for this project and shows in excruciating detail how the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case was founded on lies and how the pro-abortion lobby used her.

In time, Norma evolved into a fierce advocate for the rights of the unborn, among the most defenseless members of society, and demonstrated that God could use even the worst of sinners for good.

Satan and Abortion

Leaders for Life dives deep into the Satanic aspect of abortion and makes you think about who or what is most to blame for America’s sickening abortion culture. So, are The Demonic One and his evil spirits behind the global slaughter of billions of unborn children because this shockingly pervasive American Culture of Death has to be attributed to something or someone.

Abortion is not the latest and worst version of Child Sacrifice; it is a Satanic lie. Most modern Americans claim to be Christian, but they join the old practice of sacrificing infants on the flaming altars of Molech and Baal by having their newborns aborted at abortion clinics. Leaders For Life debunks this falsehood and the Satanic myth that it has to do with real feminism and equality.

Our Leaders and Abortion

The film then shifts gears to discuss how the liberal establishment in the US has distorted pro-choice sentiments compared to former president Donald Trump’s.

It asks a very important question about how could a professed Christian support someone who believes in killing unborn children. A Christian should not vote for someone who supports abortion, and Leaders For life unabashedly supports Trump, arguing that he is the most pro-life President America has ever seen. The film also reveals that Former President Donald Trump was earlier in favor of abortion but is now strongly opposed to it in any situation and must be reelected to end the massacre of God’s most precious creature, the unborn child.

Leaders for Life | Documentary Cast

Leaders for Life Documentary Cast
Leaders for Life Documentary Cast

Norma’s journey has been chronicled in the Leaders for Life documentary, thanks to Flip Benham of Operation Rescue. David and Jason Benham, Flip’s twin boys, are also interviewed in the film, and they recall how in 1995, their father told them that he had relocated his office next to the busiest abortion mill in Texas. It is a point to be stressed because Norma worked there too.

Other pro-life interviews include Actress and pro-life campaigner Sam Sorbo and her husband Kevin Sorbo, who make an appearance early in the film and set the tone for the documentary. The duo describes the massive penalties for harming sea turtle and bald eagle eggs, then contrasts them with the widespread disrespect for unborn infants. Sam Sorbo also tells a personal narrative about the tragedy of abortion. Her pain for aborting women is evident as she says they deprive themselves of the greatest love story possible.

To supplement Sorbos’ view, other voices in the pro-life movement discuss their beliefs on the ethical and political difficulties surrounding abortion.

Pastor Mark Burns, the Sorbos, and Willy Guardiola explain how Trump does understand that the pro-life battle is a fight for freedom. Pastor Burns notes that Trump isn’t perfect and doesn’t approve of his past actions, but he praises Trump for his tireless advocacy of the pro-life position in America. They remind viewers that Trump cut funding for Planned Parenthood by 60% and created a National Day of Sanctify for Human Life.

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