Watch Mike Lindell Campaign for RNC Chair – Vision for the Future

Watch Mike Lindell Campaign for RNC Chair, Outlines Vision for the Future

Watch Mike Lindell Campaign for RNC ChairMike Lindell will be running for the RNC chair position for the next term. Lindell’s decision comes at a turbulent time, as many Republican members are dissatisfied with the party’s outcomes in the recent elections.

During a recent interview with the ardent Trump supporter, Lindell, radio presenter John Fredericks asked what “vision” he would bring to the Republican Party if he was successful in ousting Ronna McDaniel from her role as chair.

This article covers detailed information on whatever the two discussed in the interview, how to watch Mike Lindell campaign RNC chair, and more.

So, here we go –

Watch Mike Lindell’s Campaign for RNC Chair

McDaniel was voted the organization’s chair by the membership in 2017, and the Republican National Committee (RNC) will elect a new head in 2023, who will lead the party through the 2024 election cycle.

Lindell has announced his candidateship for the position and discussed his views and agendas regarding the same in the interview with John Fredericks.

During the show’s first segment, John Fredericks questioned Mike about his choice to run for Republican National Committee chairman. Mike stated that he felt forced to seek the election to support the donors who donated tonnes of money to establish a more reliable voting method.

Mike also said he wishes to compete for the seat in this year’s election because of the parties’ catastrophic election performance under the current leadership and the support of his fellow Republicans.

Mike also discussed his ambitions for the post of chair, as well as his visions if he is elected.

Watch Mike Lindell Campaign for RNC Chair – Summary

Watch Mike Lindell Campaign for RNC Chair - Summary
Watch Mike Lindell Campaign for RNC Chair – Summary

During the interview, Mike talked about various things.

Here, we have provided the summary of the interview –

Put the $80 million in donations obtained under the pretense of maintaining the integrity of the voting process to good use

Mike claimed he was aware of attempts to collect money and send many emails pushing for the voting process’s integrity in the 2020 election.

On the other hand, the funds were not used to ensure the security of the voting process, and even now, no one has any idea where all this money went.

Fire all inept lawyers

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, has claimed that if he is elected chair of the Republican National Committee, one of his first acts will be to remove all lawyers who did not file a challenge to the presidential election results in 2020.

Begin working on the first day

Mike feels that you shouldn’t be a leader if you need to consult with many people; if that’s the case, he’ll start making significant decisions immediately, and it’s not simply because he’s meticulous. He went on to say that he was going to generate more money and use it in the proper manner.

Take an entirely new and distinct course

He claimed that the McDaniel administration was inept and had no idea why she was re-elected despite the fact that they had repeatedly lost elections. According to him, there isn’t a single thing her administration accomplished that he could praise.

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