Watch President Donald Trump Interview by John Fredericks

Watch President Donald Trump Interview by John Fredericks

Watch John Fredericks interviewing Donald Trump

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What’s the interview about?

Beginning with Glenn Youngkin, Donald Trump covered a wide range of issues during the conversation.

John Fredricks starts the conversation by talking about Glenn Youngkin. He says, “We pulled Glenn Youngkin out of the fire, we pulled him over the top. But with this bus tour and with the information you gave us Perdue is going to be governor of Georgia. He is closing and we’re going to get in this runoff and if he gets in the runoff, Perdue will be governor of Georgia.”

John-Fredericks show

Trump said, “I agree with what you said and I’m glad that you said it because if we wouldn’t have gotten involved in the Glenn Youngkin campaign, he would have had no chance. He wrote me a letter thanking me and everything. The press likes to say that it is a different way of campaigning but it is not a different way of campaigning. We did what is called a Teletown hall and we had hundreds of thousands of people on the call. And that was the night before the election so those people all went out and they voted. Glen was nice but the press didn’t treat us well.”

Fredricks inquires about the RINOs, to which Trump responds amusingly that Chris Christie has a 9% approval rating. “This is what we have,” Trump stated, “and we must battle these individuals.”

John Fredericks show
John Fredericks show

They are paid by networks in order to have a voice. Trump claims that they won huge in Ohio, claiming that there were 58 victories and one defeat, which too was extremely unjust. Later, he backed Jake Evans, saying that he will do a terrific job. Later, Fredricks inquires about Trump’s thoughts on the Republican Party’s MAGA takeover.

Burt Jones and Hershel Walker are mentioned by Fredricks, and Trump remarks Bert and Hershel are a fantastic pair. Hershel is going to be fantastic and will surprise a lot of people. He has done an outstanding job as a politician and is sure to win.

John Fredericks' latest interview with Donald Trump
John Fredericks’ latest interview with Donald Trump

Then John inquires about getting Trump back at the MAGA event. John Perdue spoke to Trump about the Number of Voters in the event. He asked, “here in Georgia We can share some of the early voting numbers and early voting is way up, especially in rural areas that we went to on the bus tour, which spells good for Perdue. Look at the number of people who have never voted in a Republican primary in Georgia, it’s stunning.”

To this, Trump replied, “Georgia is not a blue state by the way. Georgia is as red as they come. I won Alabama in a record and I won South Carolina in a record and then you lose Georgia? it doesn’t work that way. It was terrible what happened in Georgia, it really was a disgrace.”

About John Fredricks

In 2016 and 2020, John Fredericks served as Trump’s Virginia campaign chairman. In 2020, he was named Trump’s Virginia Delegation Chairman. Fredericks has worked in the media for almost 40 years, formerly as a journalist, newspaper editor, and television broadcaster.

Fredericks also serves as Publisher for three Star News Media digital daily newspapers: the Pennsylvania Daily Star, The Georgia Star-News, and The Virginia Star. He owns a lot of radio channels in Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania with his wife Anne, the company’s CEO.

John Fredericks & Trump
John Fredericks & Trump

He is an outspoken Trump supporter and a lifelong political populist in the United States. The John Fredericks Media Network is one of the country’s largest independent conservative news/talk radio networks, broadcasting from Philadelphia to Atlanta. Fredricks’ pre-election morning line bets and predictions have become “must listen” radio for American politicians.

The John Fredericks Morning Show airs daily from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Since 2015, Donald Trump has been a frequent guest at the show.

Donald Trump endorses Hershel Walker

Donald Trump described Hershel Walker as a really nice man. Not only did Trump express his support for Walker in the interview, but he also gave him his formal endorsement.

Herschel Walker & Trump
Herschel Walker & Trump

On this official website, Donald Trump endorsed Hershel Walker by writing, “Herschel Walker is a friend, a Patriot, and an outstanding American who is going to be a GREAT United States Senator.  He embodies “America First” and the winning spirit of Georgia.  Herschel is tough on Crime and Borders, and he will always stand in support of Law Enforcement, the Military, and our Vets.  He will fight hard for our Second Amendment and Voter Integrity.  Herschel Walker will never let you down.  He was a great football player and will be an even better U.S. Senator—if that is even possible.  He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Many additional Republicans, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sarah Huckabee, Ken Paxton, Dawn Buckingham, Burt Jones, and David Perdue, have lately been backed by Donald Trump.





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