Watch The Final War Documentary Online

Watch The Final War Full Documentary Online

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Watch The Final War Full Documentary Online

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The Final War full documentary is set to be released on 17th November 2022 at 9.30 AM. We at World-Wire, will stream it live so that you can watch The Final War Full Documentary Online from the comfort of your home.

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How to watch The Final War Documentary Online

The film will be released on 17 October. The documentary is approximately two hours long, and you will need to buy a subscription to Epoch T.V. in order to watch the film.

However, if you don’t want to pay to watch the documentary, you can watch the Final War Documentary Online at World-Wire.

If you want to watch the Final War Documentary Online on Epoch T.V., follow these simple steps –

  • Visit the official website of Epoch T.V. or download the app on your smartphone.
  • After downloading the app, buy a subscription and search for “The Final War Documentary.”
  • Now you can watch the film, or you can download the documentary and watch it later.

The Final War Documentary Overview

Watch The Final War Full Documentary Online
Watch The Final War Full Documentary Online

The documentary exposes how the Chinese Communist Party poses a threat to the United States, and only a few citizens of America were aware of the threat, which could put America in danger.

An award-winning journalist Joshua Philipp and retired U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding realizes the big threat at their “awakening” about the Chinese Communist Party‘s secret damage to the United States.

The documentary was written and directed by Katherine Hu. She has mentioned that the Chinese Communist party is far away from reaching its 100 years old plan to demolish the United States and said, “a war between justice and evil, freedom and communism.”

The documentary has 6 chapters, and the first two chapters are about the CCP’s role in recent global fights and how the regime used the COVID-19 pandemic as a global weapon. The third and fourth chapters are about the 100 years of planning of the Chinese Communist party.

Chapter 5 describes how the regime has divided U.S. society. The last chapter explores the skills and tools to fight against the CCP threat and protect America’s security, values, and freedom.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

The film “The Final War” investigates the origin of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its 100 years of planning to demolish the United States to advance its agenda in a skillful way. “The goal of this documentary is to relate to everybody the full picture of what’s happening beneath the surface in the Chinese Communist Party,” Joshua Philipp said in an interview.

Joshua Philipp conducted many interviews with the Chinese Communist Party members and exposed the motives with evidence. As it had not been an easy task, said Joshua. The China investigation team on Epoch Times has revealed that the regime in Beijing has been trying to break the unity of the United States since it got power in 1949 in a skillful way.

Joshua has also mentioned that it took more than three years to gather all the information for the insiders of the Chinese Communist Party, and the documentary is based on more than decades of research and collection of the required information.

The film is created by the same team who created the 2020 viral hit “Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus,” which exposed the U.S.-China policies.

Peter Navarro, a former trade advisor of former president Donald Trump praised “The Final War” for its quality and the hard work of making the film. “This film will be important in terms of messaging the existential threat that the Chinese Communist Party is to this country,” Navarro said.

Casey Fleming, who is an interviewee in the film, has said that China’s massive and rapid military expansion, hybrid warfare is currently underway. Fleming is an expert in knowing about U.S. – China security and counterintelligence, and he said there are more secret wars between China and the USA, including the shipping of fentanyl to the United States from China, which is the main cause of death for Americans.

He has also mentioned, “This is World War III. It’s 1939 all over again.” He also emphasized China-owned Tik Tok as an example of “a weaponized military application in the hands of our children.”

The Final War Documentary Release Date

The film will be released on 17 October 2022 on Epoch T.V. You can also watch the film on World Wire, and you can download the film and watch it later. The trailer of the film is available on Epoch T.V.; you can watch it now.


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