WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat on ‘Labelling’ Coronavirus, India Chooses Silence

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WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat: After the announcement by US President Donald Trump about the World Health Organization, what will be the effect on the global war against Corona?

At present, the decision of the Trump administration has brought the tense relationship between the World Health Organization and the United States, which has been going on for some days, into a crisis situation.

Donald Trump has said that he has instructed his administration to close the fund to the World Health Organization.

The United States funds the World Health Organization the most. The United States also financed the World Health Organization for $ 400 million last time, which is the highest. US President Trump also mentioned this in his speech.

Before this decision, the US had accused the World Health Organization of adopting a biased attitude towards China and said that they were going to stop the Fed from giving to the World Health Organization.

The US President had alleged at that time the World Health Organization had made a lot of mistakes regarding the coronavirus infection. They should have issued a warning earlier about this disease.

On this, the World Health Organization’s director general, Tedros Adanom Gabriel, at a press conference in Geneva, appealed not to do politics on the Coronavirus and said that this weakens the fight against the Corona.

Even when Gabriel praised China’s efforts against Corona, the US had strongly objected to the World Health Organization.

WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat on ‘Labelling’ Coronavirus, India Chooses Silence

WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat
WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat

Is the World Health Organization suffering the brunt of US-China relations? Professor Swarn Singh, Chairperson of JNU’s Center for International Politics, Organization, and Disarmament, says, “The responsibility that America had as a world superpower has failed. 

The Trump administration has taken this step to divert attention from this. It is not that they are going to stop funding the World Health Organization forever. President Trump’s style is definitely aggressive. But this does not mean that their relationship with China or the World Health Organization is going to deteriorate permanently. “

He mentions three reasons behind his decision on Trump. The first is the aggressive style of Trump, the second is the failure of the US within the country, and the third is the increase in the influence of China due to the rise in productivity of China.

Whose mistake, America or China? However, Professor Santosh Mehrotra, a former member of the Planning Commission and economist, does not fully agree with this. He says, “There are many types of funds in the World Health Organization. China gives much fewer funds than the United States provides. 

The decision of President Trump is definitely going to have an impact, especially in this phase of the Corona transition. But one thing is also that the contribution of the World Health Organization to other countries is not just money. 

This help is in the form of technical advice. This time there has been a long delay in giving professional advice. The allegations made by America are accurate to a large extent. The world has to bear the brunt of this. Therefore, there is also resentment against China. There is no doubt that the World Health Organization has made mistakes. “

But he goes on to say, “He is also a follower of America’s decision which he did in his country in the initial phase, and now he is adopting a strategy of blaming China for hiding his mistake.” 

WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat

WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat
WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat

There is also an election in America this year. So, this is also a big reason why Trump wants to put all his mistakes on the World Health Organization. Whatever the fault, it is your responsibility to save the lives of your citizens.

America is currently the most affected country in the world by the Coronavirus. So far, more than 25 thousand people have died here, and about six lakh people are infected. 

At the same time, Fernando Duarte of the BBC World Service says in his report that China is providing resources to many countries after stopping the coronavirus outbreak within its borders. 

He is providing masks, medical equipment, and testing kits to Italy. Russia is also getting such help from China. It can be helpful in stopping the outbreak of Corona.

Professor Savarna Singh says on this, “Despite China’s growth rate being affected, its productivity will be so high that it will be able to send its products to other countries of the world. 

This is also because the country is recovering from the situation of the crisis earlier than other countries. Factories have started here, and production has begun. However, there is also criticism about their products. “

He adds, “On the other hand, there is a lot of demand in the world. Right now, China is sending its aid to more than 100 countries. Assistance in international relations is also another form of trade. So no matter how much criticism, the demand for their products will increase, and China’s economic situation will be intense. “

WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat
WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat

Is something really wrong with the World Health Organization? Both the United States and China are working members of the World Health Organization, but in the last few years, China has increased its funding to the World Health Organization. From 2014 to 2018, there has been a jump of 52% in China’s funds.

Professor Savarna Singh explains, “The influence of the people of China has increased in many institutions of the United Nations. The heads of these institutions are from China. At present, China has a 12 percent contribution to the budget of the United Nations. 

Indeed, China’s interference has increased in the United Nations, and as China’s economic share increases in these international institutions, its intervention will increase. This is also a matter of concern for President Trump.

The director general of the World Health Organization has been accused of getting the assignment due to China’s efforts. He is the first African-origin director general of the World Health Organization.

WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat
WHO Caught in US-China Diplomatic Spat

Professor Santosh Malhotra says, “China has played a big hand in Africa. He is making a significant contribution to the industry and infrastructure there. China’s funding may be low to the World Health Organization, but it is true that China has also supported African countries in the appointment of Traders. 

There are no two opinions on this mistake from the World Health Organization. Since China has not adopted transparency at the international level and with the World Health Organization in giving information, it is a bit difficult to say that it is supporting China even though there is a mistake with the World Health Organization or understanding everything.

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