Will private companies play a significant role in India’s space program?

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Private sector participation in India’s space sector will increase further. With the decision of the government to increase the role of the private sector in the space program of the country, now more communication satellites will be made.

Their role will be significant in the post-COVID-19 world. Thanks to these satellites, people will now be able to work from home (work from home) in their hometowns (hometowns) instead of in cities.

Private sector companies have been doing satellite assembling, integration, and testing until now on the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) platform. Two satellites made by a private company, GSAT-30, and IRNSS-1i, have been launched from ISRO.

Mileswamy Annadurai, former project director of Chandrayaan-1 at ISRO, told our sources, “ISRO has allowed private companies to work with them. The entire ecosystem has been prepared for this. We invested in this ecosystem. Now they can test by bringing their complete product to ISRO. “

Will private companies play a significant role in India’s space program?

Private companies will make satellites.

Will private companies play a significant role in India's space program
Will private companies play a significant role in India’s space program

The government has now decided to increase the participation of private companies in the space sector based on a law proposed in 2017. Under this, a ‘legal framework’ is being provided.

According to this framework, private sector companies can make satellites. Not only this, but she can also launch it after testing with ISRO.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a few days ago that the government would bring a fixed policy to allow private sector companies to use the facilities of ISRO. Rules and regulations will be prepared under it.

But ISRO is already providing facilities to private companies such as Bengaluru-based Alpha Design Technologies.

This company has assembled, integrated, and tested the 3.75-tonne communication satellite GSet-30 right here. The private sector company has also used all the facilities of ISRO to prepare India’s first navigation satellite IRNSS-1i.

Managing Director of Alpha Design Technologies Colonel HS Shankar told our sources, “We have built ground stations in Bhutan and Maldives for the SAARC satellite. 

Soon we will also make ground stations in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. On the SAARC satellite, The work started on the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year. Private sector companies are being given at the same time. “

Private companies have worked before

Will private companies play a significant role in India's space program
Will private companies play a significant role in India’s space program

Private sector participation in India’s space program is not new. In 1985, when Professor UR Rao was the chairman of ISRO, it got a big boost. It was under this step that subsidiary units were established at that time in the Pinya Industrial Estate.

Later, when Dr. K. Radhakrishnan became the chairman of ISRO (2009-2014), a plan was made to set up a unit to make satellite and launch vehicles.

Dr. Radhakrishnan told BBC Hindi, “By then 125 private companies were primarily engaged in this work. But now a big difference is that private companies have started to show that they are now also looking for advanced satellite projects. You can play your role in furthering this. “

Dr. Madhavan Nair, another former ISRO chairman, told, “Private sector companies contribute more than 60% of the contribution to making satellite. 

But one negative aspect of this whole process is the private sector’s interest for a long time. “Yes, the new policy that has been made now will lead to a big investment in space projects.”

Dr. Annadurai says, “The new ‘legal framework’ will play an essential role in increasing private sector participation in India’s space programs. 

It will reduce the ISRO’s burden. The demand for ISRO’s service is growing in neighboring countries as well. 

So I think the need for communication satellites will grow immensely in the post-COVID-19 world. With the connectivity that is available right now, you can work from home in the city but not from our hometowns. “

Start-ups like Bellatrix are excited by the announcement to increase private sector participation in India’s space program. It invests in research and development and designs the satellite’s propulsion system.

Yashas Karnam, director of Bellatrix, told, “Looking at the new announcements, it seems that a space policy will come soon. 

If we want to make PSLV (India’s satellite launching vehicles), then we will be able to use the facilities of ISRO. American companies use NASA facilities along the same lines. “

This framework will also help private companies working in other sectors like infrastructure to get data from ISRO’s satellites.

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