Adam Schiff Wife – Is Schiff Married?

Adam Schiff Wife - Is Schiff Married

Adam Schiff Wife – Adam Schiff is an American author, lawyer, and politician who served as a US House representative. He represented California’s 28th congressional district as a member of the Democratic Party in 2013.

Who is Adam Schiff Wife, Eve Schiff?

Who is Adam Schiff Wife, Eve Schiff

Adam Schiff is married to Eve Schiff. Eve Schiff is an American social worker and a tennis player.

Eve Schiff Biography and Early Life

Eve Schiff Biography and Early Life

Eve was born in Massachusetts and grew up with two brothers and her mother. She was enrolled at the University of California, attended Torrey Pines High School, majored in literature and sociology, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Eve is a social worker and a home engineer. She used to volunteer on four PTA committees at once and still serves according to her schedule.

She used to volunteer in California and still serves the committee while living in Washington. She avoids media attention and concentrates on her personal life.

Eve always wanted to become a professional tennis player, but later, she changed her mind.

Adam and Eve Schiff’s first meeting was on the Marina Del Rey Tennis Court in 1990. They tied their wedding rituals on February 19, 1995.

Full Name Eve Sanderson Schiff
Date of birth December 12, 1962
Age 57
Nationality American
Birthplace Massachusetts
Profession Social worker
Spouse Adam Schiff
Height 5ft 4in
Weight 56 kgs
Eye color Black
Religion Catholic
Son Elijah Harris
Daughter Alexa Marion

Adam Schiff Biography and Early Life

Adam Schiff Biography and Early Life

Adam Bennett Schiff was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, on June 22, 1960. His family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1970 and Almo, California, in 1972.

Adam completed his graduation from Danville’s Monte Vista High School in 1978. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Standford University in 1982.

He attended Harvard Law School, obtaining his Juris Doctor, graduating cum laude in 1985. Adam Schiff was also a Harvard Law School forum member, and his tasks included driving guest speakers like William J. Brennan Jr. from the airport to campus and back. He worked as a student research assistant for professor Laurence Tribe.

Adam spent as a law clerk for the District Court in the Central District of California. Schiff was an Assistant States attorney from 1987-1993 in the office of the United States attorney for the Central District.

He came to public attention when he prosecuted the case against Richard Miller, a former FBI agent who spied for the soviet union.

Adam Schiff wife is Eve Schiff, and they have two children together.

Adam participated in many marathons and triathlons. He was the first congressman to participate in AIDA/LIFECYCLE, a charity bike ride program to raise awareness and funding for HIV/AIDS.

In 1996, he was elected to the California State Senate and was the youngest member of the Senate. Adam Schiff is also known for his work to expand the Metro Rail and is called the father of the Gold line.

While serving in the Senate, Adam taught Political Science at the Glendale Community College.


Who is Eve Schiff married to?

Eve Schiff is the wife of Adam Schiff, an American politician, lawyer, and author.

What happened to Adam Schiff’s wife?

She died in 1997. She was in a coma after suffering from a severe stroke. Adam decided to take his wife off the ventilator while she was vegetative.

Who is Adam Schiff First wife?

Eve Schiff is the first wife of Adam Schiff.

What is Adam Schiff’s net worth?

The net worth of Adam Schiff is $1.5 million.

How old is Adam Schiff?

Adam is 60 years old.

Adam and Eve Schiff’s children?

Adam and Eve Schiff have two children together named Alexa and Elijah.

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