Biden concludes speech with ‘God Save the Queen’

Biden concludes speech with 'God Save the Queen'

President Joe Biden abruptly ended his speech on gun control reforms by asserting, ‘God save the Queen, man,’ wishing health and prosperity on the Queen of England, even though she had passed away.

Let’s read the news about the President and his acts that amazed the audience last week.

Biden Concludes Speech With ‘God Save The Queen’

United States President Joe Biden is well-known for his awkward moments during public events in recent years. On Friday, the President again hit the headlines when a strange moment ending his speech on gun control reforms captured the media attention.

President Biden said at the end of the speech, ‘God save the Queen, man.’ According to the news, the President was delivering a speech at the University of Hartford in West Hartford for the National Safer Communities Summit, Connecticut, on Friday. Several gun safety advocates, local leaders, and families affected by gun violence attended the summit.

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Biden’s speech at the conference concerned new laws to ban AR-15-style automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines, making gun owners responsible for the unsafe holdings of their weapons. The gun control reforms are reportedly believed to be an important policy among Democrats and his administration.

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He said, “I will stand in front of each section. No, I mean it. If you can see the camera, they can see you. It is the least consequential part of this whole meeting for you, I promise.”

Ending his speech, Biden thanked people for joining him and said, “All right. God Save the Queen, man,” and then began searching around to find out how to exit the platform. The whole audience present in the conference room at the University of Hartford campus was puzzled by his weird remark.

It appeared President Biden was referring to the late Britain queen, Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 last year at Balmoral Castle in Ballater, Scotland.

Notably, ‘God Save the Queen’ had been the United Kingdom’s national anthem under Elizabeth II. After the Queen’s death, her son King Charles III assumed the throne, and the anthem was reverted to ‘God Save the King.’

Biden conclude speech with 'God Save the Queen'

Though Biden attended her funeral in London, and the First Lady Jill Biden was present at the coronation of King Charles III, he perhaps forgot about her death and ended his speech with ‘God Save the Queen.’ Basically, Biden should say, “God Save the king.”

Also, the phrase used by Biden in his speech is closely recognized for the country that colonized the United States, and Connecticut, where the President was talking, was one of the 13 colonies that officially became free from British rule in 1776.

Biden’s remembrance of the Queen and wishing her fortune at the Connecticut conference does not mark the first incident of this kind. As per several news reports, in September 2022, President Biden forgot about the death of Jackie Walorski, an Indiana Representative, and searched the crowd for her, calling her name while addressing the event on the stage.

The representative reportedly died in a car accident in August 2022. After the incident, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “Biden was looking for the Congresswoman because she was top of mind.”

After his speech in Connecticut, many leaders have pointed out that Biden has started showing signs of aging. His words have startled the people in such a way that his poll numbers for the 2024 run have suffered a great hit.

A recent poll showed that 71% of American people, including 49% of Democrats, are of the belief that Biden is too old to continue to be President. The poll also revealed that 52% of Americans believe they are in a worse scenario than before Biden entered the President’s office.


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