Credit Card Autopay Discount Cut in Half by AT&T

Credit Card Autopay Discount Cut in Half by AT&T

AT&T lowers its credit card Autopay discount to half, urging customers to change their payment to continue the discount.

Let’s read the news and learn more about AT&T’s discount policy.

Credit Card Autopay Discount Cut In Half by AT&T

The world’s third-largest telecommunications company by revenue, AT&T, has introduced changes to its autopay discounts, reducing them to half.

In the update shared by AT&T to the Autopay and paperless billing discount page on July 11, 2023, the company states that if a customer uses a credit card as their Autopay method, their discount will be $5 per line and not $10 per line. The change will take place for the October 2023 billing cycle.

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The company also clarified that even using an AT&T Points Plus credit card from Citi as the Autopay card on file, the discount will be lowered to half.

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Following are the plans that were affected by AT&T’s new policy.

Normal Plan Business Plan
AT&T Unlimited Starter AT&T Business Unlimited StarterSM
AT&T Unlimited Extra AT&T Business Unlimited PerformanceSM
AT&T Unlimited EliteSM AT&T Business Unlimited EliteSM
AT&T Unlimited PremiumSM AT&T Business Unlimited Web Only
AT&T 4GB AT&T Business 4GB
AT&T Value PlusSM Unlimited Your Way-eligible AT&T Business Unlimited Starter, Performance, and Elite plans
AT&T Value Plus 2GB
AT&T Unlimited 55+
AT&T DataConnect 50/100GB
Legacy DataConnect 15/25/35/40GB

In the past, irrespective of how you paid for your AT&T services, you would get a $10 discount for the credit card Autopay option.

Now, to continue to that $10 discount, you will need to switch your payment to a bank account or debit card. According to the company’s website, changing the Autopay method on file to a bank account or debit card before the October 2023 billing cycle will ensure a $10 per line discount continuity.

Credit Card Autopay Discounts Cut in Half by AT&T

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To change the payment method, customers can visit, sign in to their myAT&T Profile, or contact customer care to maintain the discount. Business customers can go to or to manage payment options.

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AT&T has also mentioned that if the customers consider leaving AT&T due to the changes in discount, the company is offering a return of their installment devices and a waiver on any payment plans still active on their account.

They will need to decide and have the devices back to AT&T by November 30, 2023, if they want to take advantage of this offer. Here, the company has provided an edge over other telecommunication companies, which ignored this option while removing paying with credit cards.

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While AT&T has announced the changes to their autopay discounts, some top companies have already taken this initiative.

T-Mobile recently announced their payment update in May and eliminated the credit card Autopay discount for customers. Verizon has been restricting credit card Autopay discounts for years. Also, AT&T continued the full Autopay discount for credit cards longer than any other major U.S. carrier.

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