Dish’s Boost Wireless Expands, Now Covers 140M People

Dish’s Boost Wireless Expands, Now Covers 140M People

Dish’s Boost Mobile wireless network now covers 89 markets with the addition of 12 cities. According to the firm, 140 million people are currently under its footprint.

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Dish’s Boost Wireless Expands, Now Covers 140M People

John Swieringa, President of Technology and COO of DISH Wireless, stated, “Our network covers over 73 percent of the U.S. population with broadband, and we haven’t stopped there.”

“The Boost Wireless Network is the largest commercial deployment of 5G voice, or VoNR, in the world. It already reaches more than 140 million Americans in over 85 markets,”

Swieringa added, “The continued rollout of VoNR markets every month allows us to compete at scale as the nation’s 4th wireless carrier.”

Dish’s Boost Wireless Expands, Now Covers 140M People

Dish claimed that voice over new radio (VoNR), which depends only on 5G for service, is now supported by Boost Mobile and Boost Infinite.

Dish goes by the brand Boost Mobile for its prepaid service, and for its postpaid services, it is known as Boost Infinite. The monthly cost of the Boost Mobile is $15, whereas the monthly cost of the Boost Infinite is $25.

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As a condition of T-Mobile acquiring Sprint, Dish purchased the Boost Mobile business, which at the time was solely prepaid. The deal closure was done in 2020.

In June 2022, after two years, Dish announced that it had introduced Project Genesis, a 5G cellular service, in over 120 markets. Tier 2 cities, including Tuscaloosa, AL; Midland, MI; Boise, ID; and the three Springfields (Massachusetts, Illinois, and Missouri), were the main focus.

In addition, the business has arrangements with T-Mobile and AT&T to use their networks to sustain the service where Dish’s network is unavailable.

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Dish promised to provide 5G service to 70% of the United States population by the end of this year when it acquired the Boost Mobile business. Dish announced in June that it had reached that level. According to the business, more than 15,000 5G cell sites have been deployed.

The following markets are on the Boost Wireless Network, they are Billings MT; Cincinnati; Columbia, SC; Denver; Philadelphia, Fayetteville, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Minneapolis; Portland, OR; Shreveport, Tucson and Washington, DC.

The following devices are compatible: the iPhone 15 series; Samsung A23 5G; Motorola Edge+ 2022 and 2023; Moto G Stylus 2022 and 2023; Moto G 5G 2022 and 2023; Motorola Razr; and Celero 5G+.

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