Dodger Stadium Parking Guide: Tips, Map, Lots

Dodger Stadium Parking Guide Tips, Map, Lots

This Dodger Stadium parking guide covers information on all official and unofficial parking options, tailgating rules, parking tips, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Dodger Stadium Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, Lots

Dodger Stadium Parking Guide

The Dodger Stadium, also known as Pitchers Ballpark, is the 3rd oldest MLB stadium in the USA. Dodger Stadium has the largest per-seat capacity, resting around the Mississippi river, with 56,000 seats. This stadium serves as the official home of Major League Baseball‘s Los Angles Dodgers.

Not a mere baseball stadium, it also holds several entertaining shows like rock and pop music events, motorbike, and big truck events.

In 2020, this stadium hosted Hello Kitty Night, Game of Thrones Nights, Girls Scouts Night, and Yoga Day, making the stadium special every day.

Being the largest, Dodger Stadium has 16,000 parking capacity, and on the big game days, parking lots get filled in no time. So, you must pre-book your parking tickets.

Dodger Stadium Official Parking

Dodger Stadium Parking Map

Dodger Stadium’s official parking lots are divided into 30 major sections, and you will have five gates to access them. Parking passes costs depend and start from $17.

Preferred Parking

This section is located in the inner circle of the parking lot, and the cost starts at $50. If you pre-book this parking lots, the charges will be $40. B, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, and P parking lots are preferred.

General Parking Lots

These lots are the most affordable, and you can purchase the parking tickets for $25. You can get this for $17 if you book your tickets in advance. Parking lots include 1-17 for general parking.

Off-site Parking

These parking lots are far from Dodger Stadium, so you must walk almost 15 minutes after parking. The parking cost is $5 only.

Gates of the Dodger Stadium

  • Sunset Gate A– Accessible to Lots 1,2 and 3
  • Scott gate B– Accessible to 2 and 3
  • Golden State Gate C– Accessible to Lots 3,4 and 15
  • Academy Gate D – Accessible to 4,5,6 and 15
  • Downtown Gates E – Accessible to 4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12 and 15

Nearby parking to the Dodger Stadium

Nearby Parking to The Dodger stadium

If you do not get a spot in the Dodger Stadium parking area, do not worry. We have your back. You can get a spot in the nearby parking areas –

933 Broadway Garage

  • Address – 933 Broadway Garage, Los Angeles, California
  • Cost – $10
  • Distance – 1.2 mi

750 North Hill Street Parking

  • Address – 750 North Hill Street
  • Cost – $10
  • Distance – 1.3 mi

840 Broadway parking

  • Address – 840 Broadway
  • Cost – $6
  • Distance – 1.2 mi

727 North Broadway Parking

  • Address – 727 North Broadway
  • Cost – $10
  • Distance – 0.1 mi

713 North Hill Street Parking

  • Address – 713 North Hill Street
  • Cost – $6
  • Distance – 1.3 mi

649 N Spring St Parking

  • Address – 649 N Spring St
  • Cost – $5
  • Distance – 1.6 mi

Apart from these sites, you can find some free street parking. Stadium Way, Bernard Street, and Cottage Home – these are some nearby street parking. However, if you want to park your vehicle, follow the signboards.

Handicap Parking at Dodger Stadium

Handicap Parking at Dodger Stadium

The Dodger Stadium parking authority has specified some spaces for handicapped parking, and you can get them at lots B, D, F, G, H, K, L, N, & P.

The parking area is served on a first-come, first-served basis, and you must come here at least 2 hours before the kickoffs so that you do not need to wait.

However, you need to show the ADA Placard to the gate to get entry.

Public Transit to Dodger Stadium

Public Transit to Dodger Stadium

You can use public transport if you want don’t want to pay for the parking and looking for a hassle-free gaming experience. It also saves you from traffic.

The available public transit options are –


You can reach the stadium by Metro, and Union Station or South Bay is the nearest metro station to the stadium. You can take Dodger Stadium Express to get into the stadium. The Dodger Stadium Express won’t charge you a single penny.


If you want to avoid a heavy crowd on big game days in your public transport, taking Uber will be a wise decision. The parking authority has specified some special areas for Uber parking where you can meet your driver after the match.

Lot 11 is called Uber Zone, and you can use Lot A and Sunset Gate for Uber pickup.

Tailgating at Dodger Stadium


Due to some terrible events among fans, the stadium banned tailgating in 2017. Therefore, the stadium has strictly restricted all tailgating activities.

However, you can enjoy amazing food in this stadium, especially the Carne Asada Nachos, and the interesting part is you can order this snack in your helmet. Apart from that, do not forget to taste Dodger Burger.

Besides that, the stadium authority allows you to bring food from outside but restricts alcoholic beverages and smoking.

Getting to Dodger Stadium

The official address of the stadium is 1000 Vin Scully Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA.

Apart from your vehicle, you can get there by public transport. Metro will be the most affordable and easiest way to reach the stadium. Apart from that, you can take Uber too.

We hope this Dodger Stadium parking guide helps you before booking the parking tickets. If you get any queries, feel free to shoot us.

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How much is parking at LA Dodger Stadium?

The parking costs start at $20 if you book the tickets in advance. However, you can access nearby parking, which is cheap.

How much is the preferred parking at LA Dodger Stadium?

Preferred parking lots are the nearest to the Dodger Stadium, and you can get the passes for $50. If you have the booking, the passes will cost $40.

What time do Dodger Stadium parking lots open?

The entrance opens just 1.5 hours before the kickoffs.

Is there free parking at Dodger Stadium?

You can not get free parking at Dodger Stadium. However, you can access the street parking, which is free.

Is there on-site parking at Dodger Stadium – Stadium Club?

No, the parking authority does not offer on-site parking.

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