Oakland Arena Parking Guide: Map, Tips & Fees

Oakland Arena Parking Guide Map, Tips & Fees

This Oakland Arena parking guide covers information on all official and unofficial parking options, the parking map, tips, fee, tailgating rules, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Oakland Arena Parking Guide: Map, Tips & Fees

Oakland Arena Parking Guide

Oakland Arena, also known as Oakland Coliseum Arena, is located in Oakland, California. This indoor stadium is the home of the American Basketball team Golden State Warriors. Since its establishment years of 1964, the stadium has been a great venue for basketball championships and other concerts.

However, with 15,000 seats, the venue could not provide enough seats to its fans, which made them think of a renovation. The present capacity of this arena is 19,596.

The arena used to be the official home of the American Football team Oakland Raiders. After moving the team to Los Angeles, the arena started hosting different games and concerts. In 2018, BTS also came to this stadium to launch the “Love Yourself” tour.

After the arena increases its seating capacity, the parking lots get filled in no time. Pre-booking your parking lot tickets is highly suggested for a stress-free experience.

Oakland Arena Official Parking and Parking Map

Oakland Arena Official Parking Map
Oakland Arena Official Parking Map

Oakland Arena and Ring Central Colesium allow heavy vehicles like buses, RVs, Limo, etc., and the parking lots for disabled guests are divided into four sections.

The tickets category consists of General, VIP, and Platinum parking; the costs depend on that. For car and motorcycle parking, the ticket price is $40 when it is general parking. On the other hand, Platinum parking starts at $100, and VIP parking costs $70.

The parking authority charges $100 for Buses, RVs, and other heavy vehicles.

The parking lots open at least two hours before the ultimate kick-off, and the event rate can vary from the abovementioned ones.

Here we are sharing those parking lots and their entrance gate –

GG Platinum Parking Lot

  • Very close to the Oakland arena, gate 5 is the nearest entry.
  • Cost: $100 for platinum Parking

A Parking Lot

  • Address: Use the 66th AVE entrance
  • Cost: $40 for Motorcycle and Car, $120 for Oversized Vehicles

B Parking Lot

  • Address: Closest to Baldwin Gate, near the Ring Center Coliseum
  • Cost: $40 for Motorcycle and Car, $120 for Oversized Vehicles

H VIP Parking Lot

  • Address: Use Gate 8, 9, and 66th AVE entrances. The parking lot is between A and D lots.
  • Cost: $70.

G VIP Parking Lot

  • Address: Located between the B and C lots. Use gate 5 as the nearest entry.
  • Cost: $70 ( For VIP Parking)

D Parking Lot

  • Address: Use gate 8 or 9 to reach there.
  • Cost: $40 for concerts and $30 for games.

E Parking Lot

  • Address: Use gate 5 to reach there.
  • Cost: $40

F Parking Lot

  • Address: Use gate 8.
  • Cost: $40

HH Parking LOT

  • Address: Enter from gate 8 to reach there. Closer to Oakland Arena.
  • Cost: $40

K Parking Lot

  • Address: Closer to Ring Central Coliseum. Enter through the Baldwin Gate to reach there.

Malibu Lot

  • Address: Located at Hegenberger Road. Use Gate 1, 2, or 3 to reach there.

The Parking Authority strictly prohibits heavy vehicles in the Platinum parking lots. Though the parking lot opens 2 hours before, you can expect the arena opening time just 1 hour before the match. Besides that, Oakland arena parking promotes cashless payment, so you should bring your cards for booking.

Oakland Arena Nearby Parking

Oakland Arena Nearby Parking
Oakland Arena Nearby Parking

We have your back if you do not get a space in the official parking lots. Here we are sharing some nearby parking areas where you can park your vehicles. Most of them are free or affordable, especially compared to official parking.

Coliseum center

  • Address- 640 Hegenberger Road.
  • Cost- Free
  • Distance- 9 minutes from the arena


  • Address- 700 73rd avenue
  • Cost- Free
  • Distance- a few miles

BART Coliseum Station

  • Address- 844 71st Avenue
  • Cost- Free
  • Distance- 18 minutes

1419 Auseon Avenue

  • Address- 1419 avenue webstar
  • Cost- Free
  • Distance – 41 minutes

As these parking stations are the most nearby parking lots of the arena, so you can park your car there. However, these parking lots have very limited spaces, and that is why you must visit early.

Oakland Arena Handicap Parking Lots

Oakland Arena Handicap Parking Lots
Oakland Arena Handicap Parking Lots

Oakland Arena parking lots are divided into four sections for handicapped parking, and the authority is very strict with its rules. Guests with disabilities need to have a government-issued placard on their vehicles. The parking authority serves those who come first and book the ticket, so latecomers might not get a space. You must reach this place at least two hours before the event.

Public Transport to the Oakland Arena

Capitol Corridor (AmTrak)

It is a joint station of Oakland Arena and RingCentral Coliseum. The Capitol Corridor is only a 5-minute walk away from the arena and Coliseum. You can check the schedule for going to your location from there.

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

This station is also within five minutes of walking from the Oakland Arena and RingCentral Coliseum. Check the schedule of BART and go to your location conveniently.

AC Transit

You can access bus service to the Coliseum BART station with the help of AC Transit.

Tailgating at Oakland Arena

Tailgating Rules
Tailgating at Oakland Arena

You can enjoy tailgating at Oakland Arena parking before the events or matches, but you need to follow the guidelines mentioned by the Arena Authority –

  • You can tailgate near your vehicles in the limited area.
  • Bookings or patronizing for tailgating is not allowed, and you cannot use any free space for tailgating.
  • You must keep your vehicles under the red line so the emergency car can move.
  • Animals are strictly prohibited here, and you should not leave with any accessories after the tailgating.
  • Hot coals must be dumped at the proper places.
  • You must keep the vehicle locked after the tailgating.

Getting to Oakland Arena

The address of the Oakland Arena is 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA, 94621. Public transport is available to get you to the arena. You can reach this arena if you come straight from the Oakland International Airport.

Through 66 Avenue, you can also reach the arena from San Fransisco Airport.

You can use public transport to avoid traffic, and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit System) is the most suitable option. They provide their services from 5 to midnight. On weekends, they start at 8 am.

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How much is the parking at Oakland Coliseum?

The Oakland Arena charges $40 for any events and $30 for matches and athletic parking.

What time does the Oakland Coliseum parking lot open?

The Oakland Coliseum parking area opens just 2 hours before kick-off, but you can expect the arena only 1 hour before the event.

Where do you park for the Oakland Arena?

The Oakland Arena has a spacious parking lot, and you can easily park your car there. However, there are some nearby parking areas for free parking.

How does parking work at Oakland Coliseum?

The parking authority only accepts cards, and you have to pay them online or with your cards. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Wallet.

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