Entertainment - Celebrities - Who is Hannah Einbinder Partner? Is She Dating Anyone?

Who is Hannah Einbinder Partner? Is She Dating Anyone?

Who is Hannah Einbinder Partner Is She Dating Anyone

Eager to know about Hannah Einbinder Partner? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

Hannah Marie Einbinder is an American comedian and actress famous for her role in the HBO Max series Hacks, for which she has been nominated twice for Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Regarding her sexuality, Hannah is bisexual. As such, her fans and followers demand to know about her love life.

In this article, we will read who is Hannan Einbinder partner along with several other important details about her life.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Who Is Hannah Einbinder Partner?

Who Is Hannah Einbinder Partner?

Full Name Alex Edelman
Date of Birth March 20, 1989
Place of Birth
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Early Life
Born to Cheryl (a real estate lawyer) and Elazer R. Edelman (a biomedical engineer, cardiologist, and professor)
Studied English at New York University and graduated in 2012​
Relationship status
Currently dating Hannah Einbinder.

Hannah Einbinder’s partner is Alex Edelman, an American stand-up comedian.

Edelman, 34, was born in Boston on March 20, 1989. His father, Elazer Edelman, is a biomedical engineer, cardiologist, and professor, and his mother, Cheryl, is a real estate lawyer.

He was raised in Brookline, Massachusetts, in a Modern-Orthodox Jewish family. He began performing stand-up at 15. After high school, he joined yeshiva, a Jewish Educational Institution in Jerusalem.

Where he worked to establish the city’s first comedy club, Off the Wall Comedy, Edelman moved to New York City to study English at New York University, where he graduated in 2012.

During Alex’s college days, he used to perform stand-up comedy. Edelman first performed in the UK in 2012 and debuted in Australia in 2015.

Einbinder and Edelman reportedly met on the sets of Hacks. Besides their relationship, the couple is bonded over their love for comedy and the entertainment industry.

In an Instagram post, Alex called Hannah “the best girlfriend who can make people laugh with mouths full of good and choke to death.”

In his interviews earlier, he has also said that he is impressed by Hannah’s sharpness of mind. Both comedians have also shared their pictures on their respective social media accounts.

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Is Hannah Einbinder Dating Ellie Neilson?

Many news, magazines, and journals have referred to Ellie Neilson as Hannah’s partner. For this reason, people have long anticipated her to date Ellie Neilson.

The assumptions that Ellie is the partner of Hannah Einbinder further intensified after Hannah posted her picture with Neilson on social media in 2018 and later.

However, people stopped assuming about Hannah’s relationship with Ellie after she called Ellie her sister in another post on social media.

Therefore, the bisexual comedian dating Ellie Neilson was merely a rumor aired by some of the pictures posted by Hannah on her social media platform. She has never confirmed the news in the media.

Inside Hannah Einbinder and Alex Edelman’s Relationship

Is Hannah Einbinder Dating Ellie Neilson
Credit- Creeto

It is believed that Hannah Einbinder fell for her partner Alex Edelman on their first meeting on Hack’s set. Many insiders have said that their “love for comedy” has built a unique bond between the two comedians that keeps them together.

Alex has called Hannah the best girlfriend several times on Instagram. The couple has been together in several red-carpet events, including the Emmy ceremony 2021.

While Hannah rarely talked about their relationship, Alex, in one of his interviews, said he fell for her “sharpness of mind.”

He also shared a story about the couple renting a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. They used it as a workspace to cherish the romantic moments with Hannah.

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When Did The Pair Start Dating?

Besides several news reports about Hannah Einbinder’s relationship with Edelman, it is still unknown how long they have been dating each other. However, according to the sources, the couple has been dating for a long time.

They have been reported to wish each other on their birthdays and post pictures of each other on their social media accounts.

Hannah Einbinder’s biography in short

Hannah Einbinder's biography in short

Full Name
Hannah Marie Einbinder
Date of Birth May 21, 1995
Place of Birth
Los Angeles, California, USA
Bachelor of Fine Arts in television writing and production from Chapman University
Years Active 2018–present
Laraine Newman (mother, original “Saturday Night Live” cast member) and Chad Einbinder (father, comedy writer)
Early Life and Background
Jewish family in Los Angeles. Attended Beverly Hills High School, where she was cheerleading captain and homecoming queen.
Relationship status Alex Edelman

Hannah Einbinder is an American bisexual comedian and actress best known for featuring in the television series Hacks.

Einbinder was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 21, 1995. She is 28 years old. Her mother, Laraine Newman, is a Saturday Night Live cast member, and her father, Chad Einbinder, is a comedy writer. She grew up in a Jewish family in Los Angeles.

Concerning her education, Einbinder attended Beverly Hills High School. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in television writing and production from Chapman University.

Einbinder performed in the Just for Laughs festival’s New Faces showcase in 2019. She was named one of the 10 standout comedians by National Public Radio. Later, she was named one of Vulture’s best upcoming comedians in 2019.

In March 2020, Einbinder made her national television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It was the last on-stage stand-up performance of the show for fifteen months because of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Einbinder began co-starring as Ava in Hacks on HBO Max in 2021 with Jean Smart and Carl Clemons-Hopkins. The show made her famous, and she was nominated twice for Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

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Is Hacks Season 3 Happening?

Is Hacks Season 3 Happening?
Credit- Max

Just after the end of Hacks season 2, which ended on June 2, 2022. Fans started to wonder will there be a season 3.

Well, the good news is, yes, the Hack Season 3 is coming, and HBO Max has confirmed it. Although the production has faced many challenges the production has been stopped several times in 2023.

It is anticipated that the show will released sometime in 2024. The exact date is not confirmed yet.

Fans will again see Hannah Einbinder and her partner Alex Edelman, working together on the set of Hacks 3.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Hannah Einbinder partner?

Hannah Einbinder partner is Alex Edelman, a stand-up comedian.

How old is Hannah Einbinder?

Hannah Einbinder is 28 years old.

Is Hannah Einbinder a bisexual?

Yes. Hannah Einbinder is an American bisexual comedian famous for starring in the HBO Max series Hacks.

Where was Hannah Einbinder born?

Hannah Einbinder was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 21, 1995.

Does Hannah Einbinder have siblings?

Yes. Spike Einbinder is Hannah’s siblings.


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