House Passes Bill to Protect Gas Stoves

House Passes Bill to Protect Gas Stoves

The House of Representatives passed a bill that prevents the federal government from banning gas stoves.

Let’s read the news details to know what the representatives opined about the bill’s passage.

House Passes Bill To Protect Gas Stoves

The United States House of Representatives voted to pass the legislation preventing the administration from banning the use of gas stoves on Tuesday. The approved bill would prohibit using federal funds to regulate gas stoves as a hazardous product.

The gas stove controversy began last year after a study revealed that using gas stoves increases the risk of childhood asthma, and the commissioners of the independent Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC) urged a future ban on the stoves. However, the chairperson of the commission declared that they never plan to implement a ban on gas stoves.

The Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act, H.R. 1615 (118) passed in the House by a 248-180 vote. 29 Democrats reportedly voted in favor of the Republican-backed bill. The bill proposes to block the CPSC from using federal funds to ban gas stoves or to enforce any consumer product safety standard on gas stoves that would result in a ban on the appliances or increase their price.

Many representatives commented on the passage of the bill and criticized the Biden government for indicating a ban on gas stoves. Republican Elise Stefanik, New York Representative, accused Democrats and President Joe Biden of targeting gas stoves, marking it an ‘insane, radical and painful overreach.’

Stefanik, who is also a Republican Conference Chair, added, “This week, we will hold the Biden government accountable by standing up for the Americans to stop the outrageous and insane ban on gas stoves, a bad idea that started in New York, now being embraced by every Democrat and the Biden administration.”

House Passes Bill to Protect Gas Stove

Another Republican, Kelly Armstrong, North Dakota‘s representative, noted that the Consumer Product Safety Commission should stay in its lane. He said, “We know the motivation of the CPSC and the entire administration is a green climate push.”

The patron of the legislation continued, “The goal is to dictate how you live every aspect of your life, how you save and invest for the future by pushing ESG, how you drive by banning gas-powered automobiles, and now the goal is to control how you cook.”

Yet another supporter of the bill, Thomas Massie, representative of Kentucky, stated,” This is a war on stoves. And the war will be stopped by the Gas Stove Protection and Freedom and the Save Our Gas Stoves Act.”

In addition, Majority Leader and Louisiana’s representative Steve Scalise said,” Now they want to tell you what kind of stove you must use in your home and pick a less efficient and more costly option by banning gas stoves. We are pushing back against that.”

The votes on the bill restricting the ban on gas stoves occurred after House conservatives revolted the previous week and expressed their frustration over the debt ceiling bill that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden brought to the White House.

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The Conservatives attempted to block the procedural measures to consider the legislation. However, McCarthy and the GOP members ultimately agreed to advance the gas stove bill this week.

Now, the bill reaches the Senate, where it is unlikely that the upper chamber will pass the legislation.

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