How Safe is North Dakota for Travel – North Dakota Safety Guide

How Safe is North Dakota for Travel - North Dakota Safety Guide

In this North Dakota travel safety guide, we have covered all safety-related questions, including how safe is North Dakota, the safest and most dangerous places, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How Safe is North Dakota for Travel – North Dakota Safety Guide

How safe is North Dakota for travel?
How safe is North Dakota for travel?

A midwest state of America, North Dakota is a suburb-based state that attracts huge crowds every year. The serenity in nature with stretched greenery of North Dakota is the best place for a rejuvenating trip.

The state holds 7 lakh people, with 47th in the population list among 50 states. South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, and some parts of Canada share the border with North Dakota.

The state is best for road trips and outdoor activities. The crime rate is also on the lower side, 285 among 1 Lakh people, making it one of the safest states in the US.

If you are concerned about your safety in North Dakota, this article will be a lifesaver for you. Here, we have answered all safety-related questions that will help you visit North Dakota safety –

Warnings & Danger In North Dakota

Warnings and Dangers

Overall Risk – Low

North Dakota is mainly covered by rural areas far from the larger cities. Those villages are less populated and do not pose a severe threat to the explorer. So, if you are concerned about how safe north Dakota is for traveling, the answer is it is quite safe.

Taxi & Transportation – Medium

Taxi and public transport are available in the state and are quite safe too. However, getting a cab or ride-sharing in remote rural places can be challenging. Some unauthorized taxis are available in rural areas, and you should be aware of them. When hiring them, try to negotiate before closing a deal.

Pickpocketing Risk – Low

The state is safe from pickpocketing risk as the state is counted with a low population. The rural areas are primarily vacant, so pickpocketing is not a significant threat here.

Natural Disaster Risk – Low

North Dakota has no severe natural disaster risk, but the state’s weather is not favorable for tourists. Heavy rain and flash flooding can sometimes cause a hindrance, but overall, you don’t need to worry about natural disasters in North Dakota. 

Mugging Risk – Low

North Dakota is counted among the safest states with a very less number of violent cases. However, we recommend you stay aware of your surroundings.

Terrorism Risk – Low

The state has not witnessed any major terrorist attacks and is also one of the safest places to live. The state’s rural areas make it less complicated and easy for travelers. However, some vigilance in some regions might be dangerous for travelers. Therefore, we recommend not opening up to strangers very easily and avoiding sharing your personal information.

Scam Risk – Low

The state is quite safe from scammers as there are hardly any reports of scams. However, no matter how safe is North Dakota, you must be aware of splurging your money on any cheap offers here.

Women Travelers Risk – Low

The state doesn’t have any significant concerns related to crimes against female travelers. However, solo female travelers are advised not to walk alone at night and take all safety measures. 

Tap water Risk – Medium

Even though the majority of the state is free from tap water risks, there are some areas where you may find contaminated water. Therefore, we recommend carrying your water bottle, especially in rural areas.

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Safest Cities to Visit in North Dakota

If you want to know how safe North Dakota is, you must check this city’s statistics. While the overall state is safe, below, we have shared a list of the safest cities in North Dakota –


Menoken Indian Village
Menoken Indian Village

Menoken, a rural area in North Dakota, is abundant with greenery and rustic view. This place holds the historical essence of North Dakota, and a stretched woodland of 1200 AD is of the most mesmerizing things in North Dakota that you must visit.

Besides that, you can get to see Apple Creek river and Menoken Indian Village. Menoken has many other tourist spots, but people come here to enjoy nature. So, make sure to add this city to your itinerary.


Medora, North Dakota
Medora, North Dakota

On the list of safest cities in North Dakota, the second place is reserved by Medora. The city is one of the country’s smallest cities, sharing the border with Theodoor Roosevelt National Park and Little Missouri National grassland. The town belongs to low-populated areas with just 121 people as per the 2020 census. Among those hundreds of people, criminal activities are hardly seen.

Medora will not disappoint you when it comes to tourist places. There are many historical places, National Parks, and local theatres to explore. Chateau De Mores State Historic Site, Badlands Overlook, Theodoor Roosevelt National Park, and Old Town Hall theatre are some of them.

Powers Lake

Lewis and clerk State Park
Lewis and clerk State Park

If you are concerned about how safe is North Dakota for travel, Powers Lake city is your answer. Located in Burkey county, this city also lies among low-populated cities. The population is 385 as per the 2020 census, and crime is hardly seen here.

The place does not hold famous tourist spots except parks and museums, but you can stay here and visit nearby tourist spots. Lewis and clerk State Park, Four Bears bridge, and Souris valley Museum are some of them.


Nux Baa Ga Trail
Nux Baa Ga Trail

Located in Mercer County, the city ranks four among the safest city list. The violent crime rate has been negligible in the last three years, but some property theft-related crimes can be seen in this city.

The city is based on the beach of Sakakawea lake and offers plenty of places for outdoor activities. Knife river Indian village is a place for skiing, and there are also places for cycling and fishing. 

Make sure you enlist the places like Nux Baa Ga Trail, Indian Hills resort, and Lake Sakakawea National Park if you are visiting this place.

New Town

Crow Flies High State recreation area
Crow Flies High State recreation area

The 5th safest city is a new North Dakota town with zero crime rates. The population is around 2 thousand, and violent crime is negligible. The overall crime rate is lower than the national average. 

The city offers so many places to explore. Sites like Crow Flies High State recreation area, three affiliated Tribe museums, four bears casinos, and earl Bunyan are also famous tourist spots.

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Places to avoid in North Dakota

Even though North Dakota is counted as one of the safest states in the US, there are some cities in the state that have higher crime rates. Below, we have shared a list of cities that you should avoid while visiting North Dakota –


The Boomtown, Williston, is marked as the most dangerous city in North Dakota. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime reporting, the city mostly witnessed violent crimes involving rape, murder, assaults, and robbery. 

The crime rate is increasing yearly, and the statistics might shock you as the rate rises to 50%. In recent years, total violent crime was recorded with 142 cases, and the non-violent cases reached 600.


The second city you must avoid is Fargo, the largest city in North Dakota. The city’s crime rates can make one wonder to think Whether North Dakota is safe to travel to. The population of this city touches one lakhs, and the murder rate is 0.06 among 1000 people. The risk of being a victim of violent crime is one out of 215 people.

Among Non-violent crimes, property theft is recorded with a shocking toll. Among 1000 people, it is 35.41, which is much higher than the average in North Dakota.


The city holds 3rd place in the most dangerous cities in North Dakota. Located just beside Bismark city, Mandan is the city that pollutes the calm atmosphere of North Dakota. The population is around 24 thousand, but the crime rate is alarming high.

Fort Yates

The next city on the dangerous city list is Fort Yates, the headquarter of the Standing Rocks Sioux tribe. The city is significantly less populated, but the crime rate is 69% higher than the national crime record.

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Safety tips to travel in North Dakota

Safety Tips

  • Beware of the wild-  The state has several national parks and stretched woods, which can cause a threat to people from wild lives. So it would be best if you take proper safety measures and don’t get closer to animals.
  • Keep a map– The state is covered with rural areas, so keeping an offline map can help you easily navigate.
  • Check on the weather report- Before leaving for any place, you must check the weather report so that it does not stop your journey.
  • Choose bright color- If you are going trekking, hiking, or any other outdoor activities in the state, wear bright colors as they can keep you marked by your friends, and animals won’t be closer to you.

How safe is North Dakota for solo travelers?

For solo travelers, North Dakota is very safe. All you need to do is check safety tips and avoid roaming vacant places.

How safe is North Dakota for women solo travelers?

How safe is North Dakota for women solo travelers?
How safe is North Dakota for women solo travelers?

The state is very safe for women, so women solo travelers can explore the city without any risks. However, we recommend following all safety measures such as avoiding alone walking at night, opening up to strangers, and more.

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How safe is North Dakota for travel?

Overall, I would say North Dakota is quite safe for travel and even living. The state mostly consists of rural areas full of scenic beauty, making it a great choice for people who wants to run away from the chaos of big cities.

However, there are some areas in North Dakota where crimes are prevalent, so we recommend you avoid visiting any such places. But if you follow all basic safety measures, you will not have to worry about anything in North Dakota.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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