How safe is Virginia for Travel?

How safe is Virginia for Travel - Travel Safety Guide

In this Virginia travel safety guide, we have answered all safety-related questions, including how safe is Virginia for travel, the safest and most dangerous places, safety tips, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How safe is Virginia for Travel?

How safe is Virginia for Travel?
How safe is Virginia for Travel?

Whether because of the birthplace of tasty Ham or the first place of British settlement, Virginia has been a tourist attraction for a long period. This southeastern state of America has so much historical significance. The state is located along the Atlantic Ocean coastline with a glimpse of the Chesapeake Bay and the Appalachian mountains. Because of the campaign of Virginia for Lovers, the state is gathering more tourists. People come to Virginia to enjoy seafood, sunbathe on the beach side, and other outdoor activities.

From a safety point of view, Virginia counts as one of the safest places in the southern part of America. However, crime has risen in some parts of the state recently.

The violent crime rate is 2.1 in 1000 people, which is comparatively low than the other states. If you want to know about is Virginia safe, this article will be a lifesaver.

Here, we have covered everything from the warnings and dangers to the safest places and safety tips that can help you make your journey safer and more enjoyable.

Warnings & Danger in Virginia

Warnings and Dangers

Overall Risk – Low

The crime rate in Virginia is half of the national rate, and the violent crime rate 2.1. The property crime rate is 26% lower than the national crime rate. So the state is safe enough for travelers; however, you must be alert because some of its cities pose higher crime risks.

Transport & Taxi Risk – Medium

Virginia ranks 6th in this list of riskiest states for driving. The Virginia government has enabled public transport for people to be safe. However, you must check all documents before getting a ride.

Pickpocketer Risk – Low

Pickpocketing is not so prevalent here, and the crime rate is lower. Regardless of these lower crime rates, you must be aware when traveling in a new state. Most of the time, negligence harms travelers, so you must be careful with your backpacks. If you are traveling in any crowded area, keep your bag safe.

Natural Disaster Risk – Medium

The state has witnessed natural disasters recently, and the climate is vulnerable, especially in summer and spring. If you are traveling at this time, you can expect tornadoes and hurricanes. However, the mountain areas are prone to snowfalls and icy storms. Therefore, it is recommended to keep weather reports handy.

Mugging Risk – Low

Virginia has not witnessed any violent crime related to mugging and is ranked the safest state in America. So mugging wouldn’t pose a threat to the travelers. However, you must be careful when visiting remote places and talking with strangers. 

Terrorism Risk – Low

This state’s crime rate is low, and the chances of terrorism-related cases are negligible. However, in 2021 the state got news about planned attacks by ISIS, which never happened. As tourists are in abundance in this state, Virginia may be a target of terrorists. However, if I consider reports and data, I will say Virginia is quite safe from terrorism risks.

Scam Risk – Medium

You can expect scam risks in Virginia, as the state has recently recorded several scam cases. People generally come with cheap offers and target travelers to buy them. So, if you are spending money on some plans, try to check their authenticity. If you get anything dubious, contact the local police.

Women Travelers Risk – Low

Women travelers are safe in Virginia as it is mostly a tourist spot and locals are quite open-minded. However, avoid getting involved with strangers and share personal details. If possible, travel in groups.

Tap Water Risk – Medium

Tap water can be an issue in rural areas, especially in the Appalachian area, where the tap water is often contaminated. The Urban area is safe from this risk as tap water quality is monitored frequently.

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Safest places to visit in Virginia


Poquoson, Virginia
Poquoson, Virginia

Poquoson is considered one of the safest cities in Vienna. The violent crime rate is 1.9, while the property crime rate is 7.5, making it one of the safest cities in the United States.

If you are in Poquoson, you must visit a few beautiful places. The Plum Tree Island National Wildlife Refuge, Sandy Bottom Nature Park, Messick Point, Poquoson Museum, Goodwin Islands, and Kiln Creek Park are amazing places to enjoy and visit. 


Leesburg, Virginia
Leesburg, Virginia

Leesburg is another beautiful place with lower crime rates. It is located near the Potomac river in the east of Purcellville. The violent crime rate of the city is 1.84, while the property crime rate is 10.28, making it one of the safest places in Virginia.

The Morven Park Grounds, Leesburg Animal Park, Ball’s Battlefield Regional Park, Shocktober, Loudoun Museum, and Stone Tower Winery are some of the beautiful places in Leesburg. If you are going to visit Leesburg, you must visit these places.


Saint Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna
Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

Vienna is also a safe city in Virginia. It is located in the metro area of Arlington. With a population of 16,660, Vienna’s violent crime rate is 1.2, while the property crime rate is 9.78. The overall crime rate is much lower than the state average crime rate.

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna opera house, Prater, Naschmarkt, Rathaus, Karlskirche, and The Hofburg are places to visit in Vienna.


Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg
Moss Arts Center, Blacksburg

Blacksburg is also one of the safest cities in Virginia. It is located southwest of Lexington. If you want to visit this place, you can visit it without any hesitation as its violent crime rate is 1.11 while the property crime rate is 6.12.

The best places to visit in Blacksburg are Moss Arts Center, Hahn Horticulture Garden, Drill Field, William Preston’s Smithfield, and Huckleberry Trail.


Franklin Park, Purcellville
Franklin Park, Purcellville

It is one of the safest cities in Virginia. It is located in the north-central area of Virginia. The total crime rate of the city is 4.35, with the violent crime rate of the city being 0.77 per 1000 individuals.

Sunset Hills Vineyard LLC, Otium Cellars, Chapman DeMary Trail, Franklin Park, Sleeter lake, and Crushed Cellars are some beautiful places to visit. 


Raven-run Nature Sanctuary, Lexington
Raven-run Nature Sanctuary, Lexington

It is also a safe place to live, visit and enjoy. It is located near the west Virginia border. The population of the city is quite lower than other safe cities. The violent crime rate of the city is 0.98, while the property crime rate is 3.8.

The places to visit in Lexington are Kentucky Horse Park, Keeneland Association INC, Mary Todd Lincoln House, Ashland-The Henry clay State, Raven-run Nature Sanctuary, and Jacobson Park.

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Places to avoid in Virginia


Richmond is not a safe city to visit as the crime rate in this place is quite high. The homicide rate of this place is the highest in Virginia, which is why this place is considered the worst place to live and visit. In 2020, 66 murders were reported in Richmond.


This city has a high crime rate of 119 in 1000 individuals. The percentage of violent crimes in the city is about 40.9%. The city’s crime rate makes it dangerous to visit freely, which is why we recommend avoiding this city.


Petersburg is not a safe place to visit. The city’s crime rate is 35.9, and the property crime rate is 45.7. If you are going to Petersburg, be aware of its crime rate and safety.


The violent crime rate in the city is 18.4, while the property crime rate is higher than the violent rate at 43.6. Robbery, murder, rape, assault, burglary, property, and Larceny are the crimes that are quite active in Hopewell. This is why you should avoid visiting this place. 


Roanoke is one of the most dangerous places in Virginia. The city’s violent crime rate is 22.7, and the property crime rate is 59.6. You should be aware of these crime rates before visiting the city. 


Norfolk is not a safe place to visit. The crime rate of Norfolk is 464 in 244,347 individuals. You should avoid visiting this place alone. If you are going to visit this place, then you must prepare a plan for your safety.

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Safety tips to follow in Virginia

Safety Tips

  • Check weather reports – Virginia is prone to hurricanes and tornadoes, which can hinder your trip. Therefore, always stay updated with the latest weather reports and safety guidelines.
  • Avoid night strolling – If you are traveling solo, you must avoid night strolling because you might get attacked at that time, especially in shady areas.
  • Check on your valuable things – crowded places are more vulnerable to pickpocketing, so if you visit such places, make sure you keep your belongings safe. Check them frequently.
  • Ask locals for help – Local people are the best guide, so if you get stuck somewhere, you can ask for help from the local people. People in Virginia are quite frank.

How safe is Virginia for solo travelers?

Solo travelers are also quite safe in Virginia as the place is ranked as the lower crime state. However, you must avoid strolling at night and always inform your family and friends before entering any unknown places.

How safe is Virginia for solo female travelers?

How safe is Virginia for solo female travelers?
How safe is Virginia for solo female travelers?

Virginia is also safe for solo female travelers because the state hasn’t seen such crimes against women. However, you must not be involved with strangers in unknown places because women are prone to violent crime.

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How safe is Virginia for Travel?

No matter how safe a state is, you can not find any state without crime because they are the home of different people. So, Virginia is no exception. Though the state is counted as one of the safest states in the US, you must not forget that the crime rate is increasing here. 

However, if you are wondering if it is safe to travel to Virginia, the answer will be yes because most of the tourist spots are quite safe to visit in the state.

However, we recommend taking all safety measures to stay safe in the state. With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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