How safe is Vermont for Travel? – Travel Safety Guide

How safe is Vermont for Travel - Travel Safety Guide

This Vermont travel safety guide covers all safety-related questions, including how safe is Vermont for travel, the safest and most dangerous places, safety tips, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How safe is Vermont for Travel? – Travel Safety Guide

How safe is Vermont for Travel?
How safe is Vermont for Travel?

A green landscape beauty in the northeast part of the United States, Vermont is a popular tourist destination. The state is located at the junction of MassachusettsNew York, and New Hampshire.

The trails and green mountains are the most beautiful part of this state. Whether it is the brewing company or the old age rocks, the state is one of the best tourist destinations in America.

However, the state recorded several crimes last year, but the crime rate has significantly decreased, as per the survey. The state is ranked as the second safest in the United States, making it an overall safe state to travel to.

Warnings & Danger in Vermont 

Warnings and Dangers

Overall Risk – Low

Vermont is counted as one of the safest states with the lowest crime rates. Therefore, traveling to this state won’t harm you much. The crime rate was slightly higher in 2020, but it is again dropping drastically because of its strict law enforcement sector.

Transport & Taxi Risk – Low

The state is well-equipped with public transport. You can use public buses and trains for long journeys. Vermont is best for its road trip, so you can also hire a vehicle and go on a road trip. Public transport will be great if you plan a low-cost trip.

Pickpocketer Risk – Low

The state is safe enough for pickpocket-related crimes. Pickpocketing is not a widespread crime in Vermont. However, there is no harm in staying cautious and aware of your surroundings.

Natural Disaster Risk – Low

Vermont is not prone to natural disasters like heavy snowy storms or landfalls. However, sometimes the state experiences flashes of a flood. Hurricanes and tornadoes can disturb the state often; however, they do not harm severely, so the risk of such natural disasters is quite low.

Mugging Risk – Low

Vermont is very safe from mugging types of violent crimes. However, there is no harm in taking precautions. Therefore, ensure you are well alert when traveling, especially in remote places or on lonely highways.

Terrorism Risk – Low

Vermont is also safe from terrorist-related attacks. Vermont has not reported any major terrorist attacks.

Scam Risk – Medium

Vermont recently witnessed some scam-related crimes, and social security number phishing is one of them. Besides that, Amazon package delivery phishing and prize money rewards are the new types of scams the FBI has enlisted for the state. Therefore, beware of such offerings.

Women Travelers – Low

Women travelers are quite safe in Vermont. In 2018, a report from CNBC named some cities of Vermont as the safest cities in America for women. However, no matter how safe Vermont is, solo female travelers should avoid dark and shady places to avoid any potential threat.

Tap water Risk – Low

97% of people in Vermont drink water from the public system, and the quality of water qualifies every standard that needs to be taken by the authority. So you need not worry about safe water in Vermont.

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Safest cities to visit in Vermont


Hinesburg, Vermont
Hinesburg, Vermont

With a population of 4540, Hinesburg is the safest city in Vermont. The violent crime rate is 7.2 out of every 1000 people, and the overall crime rate is 2.1 times lower than the national crime rate. The average violent crime is 119.5, which is quite low compared to the whole state.

The city is also filled with many visiting places like Stowe Mountain Resor, which is the best for a family vacation. Church Street Marketplace and Waterfront Park are the places you must visit.


Northfield, Vermont
Northfield, Vermont

Northfield is the 2nd on this list and the home of 6560 people. This city’s overall crime rate is 835 per 100k people, which is seven times lower than the average national crime rate. Regarding property crimes, robbery, motor vehicle theft, and burglary are the most common.

The famous maple syrup farms like Moese Farm are a must-visit in this city. Vermont Historical Society Museum is another tourist spot in this city.


Castleton, Vermont
Castleton, Vermont

Castleton is the 3rd city in Vermont that has lower crime rates. As of 2019, the city ranks 48 as the safest city in the United States. The overall crime rate is 5.5 times lower than the national average.

If you are in this city, you must visit Green’s Sugarhouse, Pond Hill Ranch, Hubbardton battlefield, and many more. Besides that, we also recommend doing Woodard Marine guided fishing tour and visiting Woodard Marine Vintage Boat Museum.


Milton, Vermont
Milton, Vermont

Milton is another safe city in the country, with a population of 10,882. The crime rate of this city is 11.19, which is much lower compared to the national crime rate. The city has recorded no murder cases have been recorded in recent years.

Lamoille River is one of the best places to visit in this state, and people come here for fishing and other activities. Besides that, Bombardier Park West and Arrowhead Mountain are popular places to visit in the state.

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Places to avoid in Vermont

Even though the state has ranked second safest in the United States, there are some cities in the state which are prone to criminal activities. Therefore, we recommend avoiding such places in Vermont.

St. Albans

In the crime index report, the city ranks 10th highest crime city in the United States. In Vermont, the crime rate is 4.51, whereas the non-violent crime rate is 31.85 percent. The probability of being a victim of violent crime is 1:222.

Non-violent crime is far more prevalent here, and every single person among 31 can be a victim of such crimes. The surrounding area of Aldis hills and messenger street are the most dangerous places in this city.


According to the crime index report, Brattleboro is safer than only 5% of cities in the country, and the violent crime rate is 3.94 among 1000 people. The non-violent crime rate is much higher than the state average, which is 41.08%.

Among 24 people, every single individual has the risk of falling victim to the crime. Birge st and S.Main street are the riskiest places in the city.


Winooski is another dangerous city in Vermont. The violent crime rate is 4.0, which is much higher than the state’s average crime rate of 1.68. Each person in 250 people has the risk of falling victim. Non-violent crimes are widespread here, and one in 38 people has the risk of being a victim.

If you are visiting Winooski, try to avoid North street and W Allen street. They are more prone to crime.


Barre ranks 4th on the dangerous city list. The violent crime rate is 16.9, whereas the non-violent crime rate is 41.4. Non-violent crimes are higher than the average state’s crime rate.

The city was not so prone to crime, but after 2017, the crime rate leaped. Vermont Route 62 is the riskiest place in the city, and you must avoid that.


Burlington ranks 13th in the crime index report, making it one of the most dangerous places in Vermont. The total crime rate of this city is 28.32, and non-violent crimes are the most prevalent here. One among every 40 people has the risk of being a victim of non-violent crimes.

The violent crime rate is 3.53 among 1000 people, higher than the state average. The airport area and the Winooski border are the most vulnerable areas in the city.

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Safety Tips For Traveling Vermont

Safety Tips

  • Check Weather Report – You must check the weather report before leaving somewhere else because the state has some areas prone to natural disasters.
  • Beware of scammers – You can easily be the victim of a scammer, so you must check every detail before purchasing any cheap deals.
  • Travel insurance – Buying travel insurance can be smart for travelers because it can cover you if you encounter any loss.
  • Avoid night strolling – Some places in the state are too risky at night, so you must be aware of that and avoid strolling at night.
  • Keep others informed – Whether it is a day time or night, keeping your close ones informed can help you from various risks.

How safe is Vermont for solo travelers?

The state is quite safe for travelers, even if they are traveling solo. However, no matter how safe is Vermont, you should always be aware of your surroundings and take all safety measures.

How safe is Vermont for solo female travelers?

How safe is Vermont for solo female travelers
How safe is Vermont for solo female travelers

Vermont is not a risky place for solo female travelers. However, some cities have recorded crimes related to rapes and assaults against females. Therefore, if you are traveling alone, you must avoid those cities. Also, avoid walking alone, especially in shady streets.

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So, how safe is Vermont for travel?

Vermont is well known as the safest state in America, but no states are perfect, and Vermont is no exception. Though the crime rate is lower than in any other state in America, the state is not crime free. There are some cities in the state which are prone to crimes.

However, Vermont can be safe for travelers because the atmosphere is quite friendly, and most tourist places are safe. Most people come here for outdoor activities. If you are fond of such things, Vermont is the best place. Make sure you are following all safety measures and avoid going to all the dangerous places.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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