Is Andrew Tate a Scammer? Explained

Is Andrew Tate a Scammer Explained

Andrew Tate was born in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Born in December 1986, the now-35-year-old was raised by his father, an international chess master during his time. Emory Tate Jr., his father, also served as a staff sergeant in the United States Air Force due to his polyglot tongue.

In 2022, Andrew will be a four-time world champion kickboxing title holder, including the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Champion. His first title came at 23, and he retired in September 2017.

Andrew Tate Car Collection
Andrew Tate

Tate is a former professional kickboxer, entrepreneur, and content creator who offers an online “contemporary wealth building” course through his own “Hustlers University.”

 Andrew Tate’s Career and Net Worth

In an interview, he recently stated regarding his wealth: “For a long period, I was broke. I made my first million when I was 27, had a hundred million by the time I was 31, and later become a trillionaire.”

On the other hand, Essential Sports estimates his net worth to be about $30 million. He had a relatively successful kickboxing career, winning world championships in two separate weight classes.

He rose to fame outside of sports after appearing on the 2016 season of Big Brother in the United Kingdom, which ended in controversy.

Tate rose to prominence after being ejected from the show when a video appeared online purporting to show him hitting a woman with a belt.

Andrew Tate Controversial Life

Andrew-Tate and ex

The online sensation has come under fire for his blatant misogynistic beliefs. Here is a list of everything Andrew has ever done or said that has gone wrong:

He believes that women “place themselves in situations where they can be raped.”

Following the Harvey Weinstein crisis and the #MeToo movement in 2017, Tate tweeted that women should “carry some blame” if they are raped. He also defended harassment as “typical masculine conduct,” such as catcalling.

His Twitter account was suspended, and his tweets were deleted. Even though his first account was banned for breaking Twitter’s Media Policy, he has subsequently been allowed to create three other identities from which to tweet, and one was formed in January.

He said he relocated to Romania since rape charges are less likely there

Tate claimed in a now-deleted YouTube video that men are less likely to face rape accusations in Eastern European countries. He said that the cost difference was “probably 40% of the reason” he moved to Romania.

“I’m not a rapist, but I like the thought of doing anything I want.” “I enjoy being liberated.”

He was being probed for possible human trafficking

In April, authorities raided Tate’s home in Romania as part of a human trafficking investigation that was later broadened to include rape. According to a Romanian publication, the raid was carried out in response to claims of an American woman being detained against her will on the property.

Tate and his brother Tristan appeared to parody the incident on an episode of their podcast.

He was seen on tape beating a woman

He was seen on tape beating a woman

Andrew Tate was a Big Brother UK contestant in 2016. He was fired from the show during the season after a video surfaced of him striking a woman repeatedly with a belt.

He and his brother are accused of using webcam models to defraud people

Andrew and Tristan Tate operate a webcam business that they say is a “complete hoax” to profit from the models’ fabricated claims.

Despite admitting to the scam, they claim the authorities can’t stop them. Tristan Tate boasted to the Sunday Mirror that stealing guys’ money isn’t bad since “no one cares” and “it’s their problem, not mine.”

He will not let his friends go out without him

In July, Tate appeared on a Livestream with Twitch broadcaster xQc, actual name Félix Lengyel. During the Livestream, he stated that he would never allow a lady with whom he was in a relationship to leave the house without him. During the stream, Lengyel passionately disagreed with Tate’s point of view.

He downplays people’s mental health problems

He downplays people's mental health problems

Tate took to Twitter in 2017 to express his thoughts on mental health. According to the former combatant, “depression isn’t real.” He asserted that depression is “not a clinical condition” but “a circumstance they must change.”

He supports polygamy for men but not for women

Tate stated in a BFF podcast edition that it is acceptable for guys to have several partners. However, he added that women should not have several partners because it is “against God’s plan.”

He equates women to dogs and toddlers

Tate compared women to children, dogs, and objects in the same episode. His reasoning? They are all disobedient to him.

“You can’t hold yourself accountable for something that doesn’t listen to you. You can’t be responsible for a dog that doesn’t obey you, a child, or a lady who doesn’t follow you.”

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