Janel Brandtjen – Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Career

Janel Brandtjen - Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Career

This article covers detailed information about Janel Brandtjen, including his biography, age, wiki, husband, net worth, career, and more.

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Who is Janel Brandtjen? Biography and Wiki

Who is Janel Brandtjen? Biography and Wiki

American politician and businesswoman Janel Brandtjen was born in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, on March 27, 1966. Since January 2015, she has served as the 22nd Assembly district’s representative in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Brandjten graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing. Brandtjen has two kids and is married.

Brandtjen co-owns Group One Marketing, an advertising firm in Menomonee Falls, with her husband. Two PPP loans totaling $31,111 and $30,902 were provided to the company and were both forgiven. She served as a member of the Waukesha County Board of Supervisors from 2008 to 2016.

Janel Brandtjen Age, Height, Weight

Janel Brandtjen is currently 56 years old. Her height and weight related information is currently unavailable.

Janel Brandtjen Career

Janel Brandtjen Career

On November 4, 2014, Brandtjen won a seat in Wisconsin’s 22nd Assembly district, which includes southwest Washington County and northeast Waukesha County. She has fought for legislation that would outlaw the use of foetal tissue in research in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

The 2020 presidential election saw Joe Biden win Wisconsin, but President Donald Trump refused to accept his victory. Brandtjen then asserted that “There had been fraud and that Trump had won Wisconsin.”

“There is no denying that Donald Trump won the Wisconsin race, and numerous fraud techniques were utilised to tamper with the results,” she added.

As chair of the Assembly committee on campaigns and elections, Brandtjen repeatedly tried to use her position to advance election-skeptic initiatives like the year-long investigation by former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman, which ultimately found no evidence of fraud.

Brandtjen remained a staunch supporter of Trump’s claims of voter fraud. She also backed a measure to “decertify” the outcomes of the 2020 election; Republican Assembly speaker Robin Vos responded that this was not permissible under the law. After that, Brandtjen took the unprecendented step of endorsing a primary challenge against Vos, which almost costed him his seat in 2022.

Republican caucus penalties were finally imposed on Brandtjen as a result of her antics surrounding the 2020 election and her conflicts with Vos and other caucus leaders. The Republican Assembly caucus voted to prevent her from attending any future confidential caucus sessions the week following the 2022 election because they no longer trusted her.

Brandtjen’s chairmanship of the Assembly’s campaigns and elections committee was subsequently removed by Vos as well.

After the incumbent Alberta Darling resigned, Brandtjen said on December 6, 2022, that she would be standing in the special election for the 8th state senate district. In the Republican primary, Brandtjen competed against Van Mobley and Dan Knodl. Knodl won and will now compete against Democrat Jodi Habush Sinynkin on April 4.

Janel Brandtjen Husband and Family

Information about her family is unknown. According to Wikipedia, her husbands name is Rick, and she has two children.

Janel Brandtjen Net Worth

No information is available regarding her salary as well as net worth. It still remains a mystery to decipher Janel Brandtjen actual net worth and to come at a conclusion.

Janel Brandtjen Trump Endorsement

Wisconsin State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R) received the desired support from President Donald Trump, who referred to her as a "True Patriot who will Make Wisconsin Great Again!"

On Wednesday, Wisconsin State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R) received the desired support from President Donald Trump, who referred to her as a “True Patriot who will Make Wisconsin Great Again!”

Janel is a true patriot who will restore Wisconsin to its former glory, according to a statement that Trump released on Truth Social. Her RINO rivals don’t give a damn about the State. They are led by RINO Robin Vos, who narrowly won reelection against an unknown opponent, Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger, and Liz Cheney, who lost her race in Wyoming by the largest margin in history.

“I fully support Janel Brandtjen for State Senate because she is a wonderful person,” stated Trump in his self-invented social media Truth Social.

According to RSBN, Brandtjen has been a sworn defender of Wisconsin’s electoral integrity, bringing to light election discrepancies and flaws with the state’s voting machines and Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC).

But, according to US News, Brandtjen’s dedication to raising awareness of problems with election integrity led Republicans in the Badger State expelling her from the Assembly GOP caucus. Brandtjen is currently fighting for an open Wisconsin State Senate position.

Trump’s endorsement was a repetition of his June 2022 statement in which he threw his support behind the lawmaker in her bid for the Wisconsin State Assembly. Trump said, “Janel Brandtjen of Wisconsin is a great Patriot and champion for America First ideas and MAGA. He feels she has been the most daring member of the Assembly and set the framework for the inquiry into the rigged and stolen 2020 presidential election, where she has tenaciously sought out the truth while so many RINOS and the Fake News Media have tried to hide this tremendous criminality.”

According to US News, a special election will be held on April 4 to fill Brandtjen’s seat.

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