Liz Cheney Net Worth – How Much is She Worth?

Liz Cheney Net Worth

Liz Cheney Net WorthLiz Perry Cheney is an American politician and lawyer. She was the Vice Chair of the House January 6th committee and is a part of the Republican Party.

This article covers detailed information about Liz Cheney net worth, biography, personal life, and more.

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Liz Cheney Net Worth 2022

Liz Cheney Net Worth
Liz Cheney Net Worth

Liz Cheney net worth is estimated at around $6 million in 2022. As a member of the Republican Party, she gets a salary of $174,000 per year.

Apart from this, Liz has made many investments that contribute to her earnings and net worth, but we don’t have much information about her holdings, stocks, and assets. We will try to update you soon.

Liz Cheney Wiki and Biography

Liz Cheney is an American politician and was the U.S. Representative for Wyoming congressional district. She is also a member of the House Republican Conference, one of the highest positions.

Liz joined the office in 2017 and sponsored and supported Trump’s Presidential Campaign. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Liz for holding the Mexican-U.S. border immigrants as victims, but still, Liz kept supporting Trump.

However, after the Capitol Attack, Cheney shook down and said she voted to impeach Trump for his part in the attack. It even seems like Liz is about to leave the Republican Party.

Early Life, Education, and Career

Early Life, Education, and Career
Early Life, Education, and Career

Liz completed her schooling in Casper, Wyoming. Then in 1984, she graduated from McLean High School in Washington, D.C.

Later she joined Colorado College, where she received the degree in Bachelor of Arts. Later in 1996, Liz earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Chicago Law School. Liz also pursued a course at Oriental Institute on Middle Eastern History.

Liz worked at the state department for five years before studying law. Later from 1989-1993, Liz worked under the United States Agency for International Development. After this, she started working with the consulting firm Armitage Associates LLP.

In 1996, Liz practiced law with White and Case and later worked as an International Law attorney and consultant in the International Finance Corporation.

Liz also served as a Special Assistant to the deputy secretary of state in the former Soviet Union and for USAID officers in Budapest and Warsaw in U.S. Embassies.

Liz Cheney Age – How old is she?

Liz was born in 1966, making her 56 years old now.

Liz Cheney Husband, Philip Perry

Liz is married to Philip Perry. The duo met at the University of Colorado, and after falling in love, they decided to marry in 1993 in Wyoming.

Philip Perry is a famous American attorney and was appointed as an attorney in the administration of George Bush and the Department of Justice.

Currently, Perry is a partner with Latham and Watkins, a law firm.

Liz Cheney Children

Liz Cheney Children
Liz Cheney Children

Liz and Perry have five children together, three daughters and two sons named Katherine, Elizabeth, Grace, Philip, and Richard.

Final thoughts on Liz Cheney Net Worth

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