Jen Psaki Net Worth – How Much is She Worth in 2024?

Jen Psaki Net Worth - How Much is She Worth in 2023?

Are you curious about political advisor and Democratic Party member Jen Psaki Net Worth? Look no further.

Under the current Biden administration, Jen Psaki is the White House secretary. In 2001, Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin for the U.S. The Senate and Tom Vilsack for governor hired Jen Psaki to help with their reelection campaigns.

How did she grow from the initial stage to now? And how much does she earn, and what could be her net worth?

Aren’t all these questions resting on your mind unanswered? No worries! We have answered all the possible queries you might have about this personality.

So, without further delay, let’s get to know her.

Jen Psaki Net Worth 2023

Jen Psaki Net Worth 2023

The post published by C.A. Knowledge is titled “Jen Psaki Net Worth $27 Million (Forbes 2022) Salary White House Press Secretary.” But Forbes insisted that they had never released this evaluation.

By email, a Forbes spokesman informed Reuters that the magazine “has not published a net worth estimate for Jen Psaki.”

Social media users assert Jen Psaki earned $27 million in her two years as the White House press secretary, but they offer no backing for their claims. Psaki told Reuters that her net worth was not close to $27 million.

Psaki emailed Reuters: “Given that my husband and I have spent most of our professional careers in public service, I can easily confirm that my net worth is nowhere near that ballpark.”

Although this has yet to be officially verified, certain media publications determined Jen Psaki net worth at between $2 and 2.5 million.

Jen Psaki Salary and Earnings

Her salary as Joe Biden‘s official spokeswoman was $180,000 per year, according to the 2021 Annual Report to Congress on White House Personnel, a position she held for 17 months.

Jen Psaki Biography and Early Life

Name Jennifer Rene Psaki
Known as Jen Psaki
Ney Yor City, United States
Date of birth December 1, 1978
Father’s name James R. Psaki
Mother’s name Eileen D. Medvey
Politician and Spokesperson
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Net worth 2023
between $2 – 2.5 million

The oldest of the three daughters of retired real estate developer Dimitrios and psychotherapist Eileen D. Medvey, Jen Psaki, was born in New York City, United States, on 1 December 1978. She has Polish, Irish, and Greek ancestry.

Psaki started her political career in 2001 by contributing to the reelection campaigns of Tom Harkin, a senator from Iowa, and Tom Vilsack, a governor of that state. A few years later, she worked as the deputy press secretary for John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

Jen served as the regional press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from 2005 to 2006 and as the communications director for U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley.

She initially met Barack Obama when she worked as his traveling press secretary during his 2008 presidential campaign. She was appointed White House deputy press secretary after he was elected president.

Jen Psaki received a promotion to deputy communications director in late 2009. In 2011, she resigned to take a senior vice president and managing director role at the Washington, DC, office of the P.R. company Global Strategy Group.

As press secretary for Obama’s reelection bid in 2012, Psaki returned to political communications. She was named the U.S. Department of State’s spokesman the following year.

Psaki returned to the White House in 2015 to take on the position of communications director, a position she held until the end of Obama’s administration.

After Joe Biden was elected president in late 2020, Psaki joined Biden’s transition team. She was then appointed press secretary for the White House. Psaki had her first press conference in that capacity on the evening of Biden’s inauguration in early 2021.

Psaki said she would depart her position after a year in an interview with political analyst David Axelrod. She stuck to her word because she left the White House on 13 May 2022. Karine Jean-Pierre, her principal deputy, succeeded Psaki.

Early in 2017, when Psaki joined CNN, she started providing political commentary on television. She stayed on the network until the end of 2020, when she quit to join Joe Biden’s transition team for the White House.

Psaki joined MSNBC as a contributor in May 2022 after leaving the Biden administration, where she contributed to the coverage of the 2022 midterm elections.

Jen Psaki Education

Psaki graduated from Greenwich High School in 1996 while still a teen. She continued her education at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and English in 2000.

With the William & Mary Tribe swim team in college, Psaki was a competitive backstroke swimmer.

What Properties does Jen Psaki own?

In Arlington, Virginia, Jen and her husband Gregory Mecher paid $1.7 million in March 2019 for a 4,500-square-foot house where they live with their two children. This house is currently thought to be worth $2.1 million.

How much does a White House Press Secretary make?

What is the yearly income of President Joe Biden’s White House press secretary, if you were to guess?

Then you need to know that the highest payroll in the history of the White House belongs to President Joe Biden. The average yearly wage for aides is $180,000, which confirms that Jen Psaki also had the same salary package.


What is Jen Psaki Net Worth in 2023?

As per the reports in 2023, Jen Psaki estimated Net worth is between $2 – 2.5 million.

Whom did Jen Psaki marry?

Psaki wed Greg Mecher 2010, who served as Congressman Steve Driehaus’ chief of staff. Later, he worked for Congressman Joe Kennedy as his chief of staff. Mecher and Psaki are parents of two kids.

What is Jen Psaki’s age in 2023?

She was born on 1 December 1978; Jen Psaki’s current age is 44.

Who are Jen Psaki’s parents?

Jen Psaki was born in 1978 in New York City, United States, to real estate developer Dimitrios “James” R. Psaki and psychotherapist Eileen (née Dolan) Medvey.


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