Pilots Spot “large White Balloon” Northeast of Hawaii

large White Balloon

Pilots saw a “Large White Balloon” like object flying Northeast of Hawaii on Sunday, February 19. This article is all you need to know about the news.

Pilots Spot “large White Balloon” Northeast of Hawaii

Several pilots reported seeing a “Large White Balloon” on their radars on Sunday afternoon in the northeast of the United States‘ largest island, the Hawaiian islands.

Oakland Oceanic Air Traffic Control Center noted a large white balloon over the Pacific Ocean. The balloon was reported to be about 594 miles, 955 kilometers Northeast of Honolulu.

According to the news, the balloon was flying at the height of roughly 40,000-50,000 feet ( 12,000-15,000 meters. The pilots also received a message “Advice if the object is seen” from the air traffic control team.

The balloon was seen in international airspace, where the United States controls air traffic. The appearance occurred after a week when three unidentified objects were destroyed in US and Canadian space.

US President’s Take on Aerial Objects

The US military shot down several balloons earlier this month, including one that was supposed to be a Chinese spy balloon.

As per various reports, a Chinese balloon that entered US airspace and flew over many states was destroyed on February 4 off the coast of South Carolina. A second balloon was reported to fly over Latin America.

Three smaller balloons were again shot down the following days. However, China refused to use such balloons for surveillance.

According to the report, the balloon Beijing refused was a government spy vessel that flew over the United States and Canada for a week before being destroyed off the Atlantic Coast on the president’s orders.

After the reports of a suspected Chinese spy balloon crossing the country initiated high-level drama, US President Joe Biden has asserted that the country is updating its policies for monitoring and reacting to unknown aerial objects.

He said officials reported about the three ordinary balloons, which could mean they were used for weather forecasting, research, or other commercial purposes. The officials did not recover any of the remains of those three balloons.

Later, the US military announced that it had quit the search for the objects shot down near Deadhorse, Alaska, and over lake Huron.

As per the news, the US military, federal agencies, and Canada systematically researched the areas using different techniques like airborne imagery and sensors, subsurface scans, and surface sensors but did not locate debris.

The US military said it collected all the Chinese balloon’s important sensors and electronic structure in the South Carolina incident.

After several balloons were spotted and destroyed over the nation, now, the country finds one more, again, a “Large White Balloon” yet to discover further.

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