Live Hurricane Ian Tracker: Latest Hurricane Ian Coverage

Live Hurricane Ian Tracker Latest Hurricane Ian Coverage

Live Hurricane Ian Tracker – Everything you need to know.

Live Hurricane Ian Tracker: Ian’s destructive eyewall winds are heading onshore

Live Hurricane Ian Tracker
Live Hurricane Ian Tracker

The life-threatening hurricane, Ian, will bring damaging winds to the inland part of Florida and has already damaged the southern part of Florida on Thursday. Ian is considered the strongest and most dangerous hurricane in the United States due to its intensity. Many homes and property were damaged, and some residents were taken to different community shelters.

The severe storm had an intensity of over 120 mph which led to a power cut, and over 2 Million people were without electricity for many hours on Wednesday night. It further caused severe flooding in the city.

According to the reports, the condition of the city is getting worse as it’s the most dangerous and life-threatening hurricane ever to hit Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida said that the storm is “battering”

Ian Hurricane


Governor Ron DeSantis said that the storm is “battering,” and it may badly affect the whole state, i.e., northern and eastern and the central part of Florida as well.

He also mentioned that the flooding in the southern part of Florida could reach up to 12 feet and cause severe damage to the whole state. “This storm is doing a number on the state of Florida,” DeSantis also said.

Flights were canceled on Wednesday and Thursday in Florida and later nationwide

On Wednesday, all the flights were canceled and scheduled for Thursday in Florida’s Jacksonville International Airport. Around 1200 flights that were scheduled on Thursday were again canceled nationwide as the hurricane was getting worse in Florida.

However, Orlando’s and Tampa’s flights were also canceled. Many flights going from Orlando International Airport and Tampa International Airport have been suspended for commercial suspension. We will update more information about it in this Live Hurricane Ian Tracker.

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Live Hurricane Ian Tracker – The evacuation was declared on Sept 24 by Biden

The evacuation was declared on Sept. 24 by Biden.
The evacuation was declared on Sept. 24 by Biden.

President Biden approved Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s emergency request for the safety of the citizens, and the evacuation was declared on Sept. 24, 2022, as the hurricane was supposed to head towards Florida by 29th. The protective measures were taken by the government of Florida. Ian would change its track rapidly, and measures were taken accordingly.

Ian Hurricane Live Tracker – It moved towards the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday

Ian supposedly exists from the east coast of Florida and moved to the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday before going towards the southern parts of Carolina. Again, heavy rainfall is expected in the southern part of Carolina, and that will be the second landfall.

It is not yet confirmed whether Ian Hurricane will come with more intensity while moving onto the Atlantic ocean. But there are more chances that it might re-intensify and get more strength from the water and will enter Charleston, SC, as a strong tropical storm with 60 mph winds.

Which places will be impacted by Ian Hurricane?

The storm might affect the coasts of Georgia, and Carolina, which includes both north and south. Hurricane Ian would get more strength from the shores again. The authorities are keeping an eye on the coastline as it can again re-intensify and can affect the cities.

Heavy rainfall is expected due to Ian Hurricane in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and some parts of Virginia, and flooding might occur in these places, whereas some areas could see more than 6 inches.

Ian Hurricane Live Tracker – State Sports were postponed and rescheduled on Sunday

“Due to Hurricane Ian, our game vs. Eastern Washington has been rescheduled for Sunday, Oct. 2 at noon. All tickets issued for Saturday will be honored on Sunday.,” was tweeted by Florida Gators Football.

UNF Women’s Soccer announced, “Due to expected inclement weather from Hurricane Ian and the subsequent campus closure later this week, Thursday’s match vs. Kennesaw State has been postponed.

There is currently no alteration of the match against Jacksonville State slated for Sunday.” North Florida also announced its swimming home-opening weekend is postponed to Oct. 7 and will be a one-day event. The men’s tennis’ Gridiron Classic tournament has been pushed to a future date. Women’s tennis will not attend pre-qualifying rounds of ITA All-Americans.

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What were safety measures taken by the government for citizens?

Residents were supposed to keep their documents, insurance policies, and identity proofs safely with themselves and to check the availability of the community shelters. Many shelters do not take pets. So, search accordingly.

Emergency safety kits included medicines and supplies, which are needed as citizens may need to evacuate quickly. People are supposed to look after their aged neighbors or people who are physically disabled. If anybody needs emergency hospitalization, they are supposed to contact the helpline provided by the authorities.

The government also introduced the flood insurance Program policy that will cover and reimburse certain actions you take to minimize damage to your home and belongings before a flood.

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