Social media - Mike Lindell Streaming Live about Frankspeech and Absolute Interference

Mike Lindell Streaming Live about Frankspeech and Absolute Interference

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As you know, Frankspeech is set to launch today on 19th April. According to founder Mike Lindell, the site has been hit by a DDoS attack by cyber attackers. The team at Frankspeech is working actively to solve the issue. Meanwhile, Lindell is live and discussing the launch with various celebrity guests.

Frankspeech is a new rumored emerging social media platform focusing mainly on “free speech”. It has been in the news for its connections with Donald Trump and various other US politicians.

Frank speech can be accessed on its website –

The tag line of frankspeech is ” The voice of free speech ”

The reported app VOCL ( renamed as Frank ) Will have features of both youtube and twitter.  It would be the best app ever, something that the world has never seen , was said by the team at FRANK to a magazine. The app will be Free from the hands of the government and will focus on free speech and democratic rights of the users. Mike lindell and his team has been working on this app since last 4 years. The launch date is said to be in upcoming weeks, it is rumoured to be launched in the last week of april 2020.

The social networking platform has been secretly in development for the last four years, based on Lindell. He says the social networking platform will be about moving’vocal’ again and’not to be walking on eggshells.


Mike Lindell Streaming live about Frankspeech. Visit the official website –  ( All rights to ) We are not associated with frankspeech. This article is just to help users. See our Editorial Policy


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