Mike Lindell, Trump loyalist ends up in a Legal Battle with Dominion by $1.6bn

Mike Lindell, Trump loyalist ends up in a Legal Battle with Dominion by $1.6bn

Mike Lindell, Trump loyalist ends up in a Legal Battle with Dominion by $1.6bn

CEO of MyPillow & FrankSpeech Mike Lindell, Trump loyalist ends up with a legal battle by Dominion Voting Systems. They filed a lawsuit against both of them for defamation of their Company name over 2020 Election Results.

They were sued by Dominion in Federal court of Washington in month of February, asking for $1.3Bn as a penalty amount for the damage done by both of them. Dominion clams that MyPillow sales was increased by 40% because they were supporting Donald Trump.

Mike Lindell openly supported the conspiracy theory of 2020 Election which make Joe Biden win the Election by switching votes between them.

In the latest series of this suit voting machine companies ask a compensation from Trump Supporters who openly defamed them over 2020 Election Conspiracy Theory for fraud in voting.

The case is US Dominion vs MyPillow, 21-cv-1015, U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota.

Mike Lindell is the same guy who recently launched Frank SpeechFrank Voice of Free Speech with a vision to compete with Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. FrankSpeech is a combination of Youtube + Twitter.

Frank Speech would be a platform where everyone voices would be heard over the internet as claimed by Mike Lindell. Frank Speech received Million of Traffics on his launch Day itself.

May Cyber attacks were done on Frank Speech and users where finding it difficult to sign up on Frank Speech, right now only VIP users have access to Frank Speech and it would be soon available for normal userst o register on this platform.

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Important NewsWhy did Mike Lindell file a $1.6 Billion lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems

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