Next Jan 6 Hearing Date and Time – Full Schedule

Next Jan 6 Hearing Date and Time - Full Schedule

Next Jan 6 Hearing Date and Time – The public hearings of the U.S. House Select Committee on the Jan 6 Attack, commonly called the Jan 6 Hearings, is an ongoing series of televised congressional investigations about events related to the Jan 6 United States Capitol attack.

There have been eight televised hearings of the Select Committee to investigate the Jan 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. The main objective of the hearings has been to publicly reveal former President Donald Trump’s efforts to remain in power post-2020 election.

The recent 28th September hearing was rescheduled due to hurricanes, so the committee declared on its Twitter Account to announce a new date soon.

Next Jan 6 Hearing Date and Time – Full Schedule

Next Jan 6 Hearing Date and Time
Next Jan 6 Hearing Date and Time

The House Select Committee, consisting of seven Democrats and two Republicans, appointed by Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has been investigating the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol for the past 10 months.

It has rescheduled its next hearing for Oct 13 at 10 AM, Thursday.

The committee will find out about Mr. Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election, posing a threat to American Democracy.

How to watch the next Jan 6 hearing

The hearings are televised and publicly available to watch. You can watch the live coverage of the hearings on various television news channels like ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, and CSPAN.

All these channels will cover the hearings live instead of their usual programming. You can see the hearings held in the daytime on Fox News, while Fox Business shows the ones held in prime time.

If you miss watching the live coverage, you can also watch the hearings on the House Select Committee’s youtube channel. The channel offers a recording of each completed session.

Will the Oct 13 hearing be the final one?

As of now, there are fewer details about the upcoming Oct 13 hearing. Except for the date and time, the committee has not shared any significant information about the hearing. The theme of the proceedings is unclear.

Bennie Thompson Statement

When questioned whether it would be the last hearing on Jan 6 attack, select Committee Chair Bennie Thompson told reporters that. “Unless something else develops, this hearing is the final hearing.” He openly declared that Oct 13 could be the panel’s last public hearing.

But other committee members say they feel more sessions would take place. For example, Vice Chair Liz Cheney said, “we don’t anticipate that it will be the last hearing.”

Members predicted two or three more hearings because, according to them, the amount of ground still left to be covered.

It is difficult to address the several questions the committee members have raised about the attack in one hearing.

Roger J. Stone
Roger J. Stone

In the upcoming Jan 6 hearing, the committee is expected to use evidence from a Danish film crew that followed the political worker Roger J. Stone, a longtime supporter of Mr. Trump, for a documentary titled “A Storm Foretold.”

The evidence also includes some text messages that show Mr. Stone seeking a pardon in connection with the Jan 6 capitol attack. He is believed to have close relationships with the leaders of two far-right extremist groups, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

When will the final report be released?

The Select Committee must present a written report on 15-month investigations on Jan 6 capitol attack. The panel will have to report on why the attack happened and what can be done to prevent such an attack in the future. The panel is expected to publish its report by the end of December.

Summary of Previous Hearings

Summary of Previous Jan 6 Hearings
Summary of Previous Jan 6 Hearings

There have been a total of eight Jan 6 hearings to date, and the next is scheduled on Oct 13.

Let’s take a quick look at previous hearings –

Jun 9

The first hearing demonstrated how violent the Jan 6 attack was. Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards said she slipped in people’s blood while fighting to save the lawmakers inside.

Jun 13

In the second hearing, the Select Committee discussed proof that former President Trump continued to spread fake news of stolen elections despite his advisors telling him repeatedly there had been no fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

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Jun 16

A junior to Vice President Mike Pence informed about the pressure campaign by Trump and conservative California lawyer John Eastman to get Pence to reject electoral votes from seven states Joe Biden won even after they knew their actions were illegal.

Jun 21

A Republican speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives and two election officials from Georgia described Mr. Trump and his lawyers’ efforts to get them to reverse election results without the legal authority to do so.

Jun 23

Three former Justice Department officials narrated the former President Trump’s efforts to win the department’s support for his groundless claims about a stolen election and his failed endeavor to install an acting attorney general who supported those claims.

Jun 28

Former White House assistant Cassidy Hutchinson clarified that Jan 6 discussions inside the White House clearly show that Trump was concerned about weapons in the crowd that day. He had wanted to go to the Capitol so badly that he went into a dispute with a Secret Service officer in his vehicle. Trump didn’t think the agitators chanting “Hang Mike Pence” were doing anything wrong.

Jul 12

The Committee’s evidence and witnesses revealed Trump’s call for a protest on Jan 6 with his supporters and extremist groups. His supporters interpreted it as a warning to stop Congress violently.

Jul 21

Two former White House assistants defined how Mr. Trump was ignorant of the requests from advisors, Republicans in Congress, and family members to call off the rebels.

Future Hearings

The Select Committee has not declared anything about the upcoming hearing. So, keep yourself tuned to news channels to learn about the Jan 6 hearing on Oct 13.

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