Oracle Park Parking Guide – Tips, Map, Lots

Oracle Park Parking Guide - Tips, Map, Lots

This Oracle Park parking guide covers information related to all official and unofficial parking lots, handicap parking options, parking tips, tailgating rules, and more.

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Oracle Park Parking Guide – Tips, Map, Lots

Oracle Park Parking Guide
Oracle Park Parking Guide

If you are a die-hard baseball fan and want to enjoy a match beside a watery view, you must visit Oracle Park Stadium. The stadium is located at the south beach section of San Fransisco. Fans can visit the stadium through boats along the San Fransisco Bay in the McCovey Cove Section. The boat parking makes the stadium unique.

The stadium has hosted thousands of events, concerts, and big matches since 1962, winning the LEED Silver award for building maintenance. In 2019, the stadium was renamed Oracle Park after a series of renaming processes. PacBell Park, SBC Park, and AT&T Park are the previous names of this stadium. Oracle Park is San Fransico Giants’ official home, a Major League Baseball team.

Apart from the San Francisco Giants, several other teams like the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Washington Nationals, and Los Angeles Dodgers use the stadium as their home. The general capacity of this ballpark is 40,000.

It is highly suggested that you pre-book your parking spot because Oracle Park parking lots are limited to 3500 spots only. However, if you want to know more about nearby parking areas of Oracle parking lots, this article will be a lifesaver.

Oracle Park Official Parking

Oracle Park Official Parking Map
Oracle Park Official Parking Map

Oracle Park authority builds the parking area quite fascinating, and the cost depends on the events and the distance.

Parking lots generally open 3 hours before the ultimate kick-offs, and you can pay for the parking tickets in cash and cards.

Lot A/ Pier 48

  • Cost – $40 (Weekday Night), $50 (Weekday Day time and weekend)
  • Distance – 0.2 mi
  • Walking Time – 4 minutes

Lot C

  • Cost – $40 (Weekday Night), $50 (Weekday Day time and weekend)
  • Distance – 0.3 mi
  • Walking Time – 7 minutes

Pier 30/32

  • Cost – $30 (Weekday Night), $40 (Weekday Day time and weekend)
  • Distance – 0.5 mi
  • Walking Time – 10

One Bryant

  • Cost – $30 (Weekday Night), $40 (Weekday daytime and weekend)
  • Distance – 0.6 mi
  • Walking Time – 12 minutes

Pier 48

  • Cost – $80
  • Distance – 0.2 mi
  • Walking Time – 4 minutes

All these lots are nearby Oracle stadium parking and might cost you a bit more. However, you can park your cars for just $10 if you park them in A, B, C, and E Lots. For oversized vehicles, RVs, and Charted Buses, you can use Lot A or Pier 48. You can access this lot through Terry Francois Boulevard.

Oracle Park Nearby Parking Options

Oracle Park Nearby Parking Options

If you are late booking a spot in the parking area of Oracle Park, you need not worry. You can park in the nearby parking areas of Oracle park.

If you love to have a water ride, you must visit there by Kayak. You can hire a Kayak, which will cost you around $35-$125.

At South Francisco bay, you can hang out too. Waterways will be one of the best options to reach the stadium. Also, you can park your vehicles at RingCentral Coliseum, which is nearby the Park.

You can look for some nearby parking in –

  • Indiana & Mariposa in Dog patch Neighbourhood
  • Brannon
  • Lucerne street

Handicap Parking at Oracle Park Parking

Handicap Parking
Handicap Parking at Oracle Park Parking

Handicap parking is available in the Oracle parking lots. You can locate this space in the southern part of Lot A. Frontal area of Pier 48, and the 3rd street pedestrian entrance is specified for handicapped parking.

To get into these parking areas, a disabled guest needs to show proper verified documents. ADA placards on the cars will do the work. You must visit this place at least 2 hours before the game to find a spot in the parking area easily.

Public Transport to Oracle Park

There are several transit options you can get to reach this stadium.

Below, we have shared all of them –

Rail services

King and 2nd Station for Muni Metro are just near Oracle Park. From Caltrain Depot, you can take other rail services that N Judah provides. You can get trains from Visitation valley to Market Street.

Embercadero station provides BART services, which are pretty cheap. However, Muni Metro services are available at night time too.

Taxi Services

No matter where you come from, taxi services are available around Oracle Park. You can access four taxi zone services to reach here.

San Francisco Bay Ferry

San Francisco Bay Ferry is available, and you can use East Bay Ferry Terminals for late-night events.

AC Transit Transbay Bus

You can use the AC transit services from Salesforce Transit to reach there. The services are available for late nights too.

Tailgating At Oracle Park

Tailgating Rules
Tailgating Rules

Tailgating is allowed in the Oracle Parking lot, and you can enjoy all tailgating activities besides your vehicles. Not every parking lot is available for tailgating except Lot A, C, and Pier 30.

Getting To Oracle Park

The official address of Oracle Park is 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, California 94107, USA.

You can reach this stadium by your vehicle. If you want to avoid heavy traffic on big game days, you can use public transport or Shuttle Taxis. O’Doul Gate will be the nearest spot to the ballpark if you come to the stadium by taxi.

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Is there onsite parking at Oracle Park?

You can get onsite parking in Oracle Park, but the lots are limited to 3500. You can choose A, C and E parking at a cheap rate but you might need to walk half a mile.

How much does Oracle Park parking cost?

If you choose parking lots near Oracle Park, it will cost around $40, but if you are ok with 10 minutes of walking, you can find a parking spot for as low as $10.

Is there free parking near Oracle Park?

You can park your vehicle for free at 203-349 Terry A Francois Blvd.

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