Robocall Volume Wanes Marginally in November | Report

Robocall Volume Wanes Marginally in November | Report

The volume of robocalls received by people in the United States has dropped below the year’s average.

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Robocall Volume Wanes Marginally in November | Report

YouMail, a call protection app, reported a significant decrease in the volume of robocalls received by people in the United States during November.

According to the YouMail Robocall Index, over 4.5 billion robocalls were recorded in November, which is 2.3% less than the amount received in October and falls below this year’s monthly average of about 4.7 billion robocalls.

The average number of robocalls per day for November was 150.2 million, totaling 1,738 robocalls per second. YouMail revealed that U.S. consumers received 4.6 billion robocalls in October, marking a 7.9% increase compared to September.

In a statement, YouMail CEO Alex Quilici said,  “It is good news that November’s volume is essentially flat with October, and it falls below the average volume for the year.”

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“We should be encouraged that these illegal calls are not growing quite so rapidly as we enter the holiday season,” Quilici added.

YouMail, a free call protection app owned by YouMail Inc., a wireless service company based in Irwin, California, reports on nationwide robocall volumes monthly and also blocks unwanted robocalls to protect consumers from scammers.

The app prepares the YouMail Robocalls Index by analyzing automated call patterns and verifying those calls against numbers that its customers block or report as spam.

YouMail disclosed that the most common robocall in November was a pre-recorded call asking customers to purchase Medicare insurance, with many people confirming receiving such calls multiple times a day.

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Regarding different types of robocalls, YouMail stated that November saw the lowest volume of unwanted scam and telemarketing calls this year.

The volume of telemarketing calls was reported at 1.44 billion, down by 1.8%. Although scam calls increased by 7.7% to 0.51 billion in November, it still remained lower than the yearly average.

Robocall Volume Wanes Marginally in November | Report

At the same time, notification robocalls were about 1.45 billion, a decrease of 5.2%, and payment reminder calls totaled 1.10 billion, a decrease of 3.1%.

Among states, Texas, California, and Florida received the most robocalls, while Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee received the most robocalls per person.

Among American cities, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston recorded the highest volumes of robocalls, while cities with the most robocalls per person included Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Memphis (Tennessee), and Macon (Georgia).

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The area codes that recorded the highest volumes of robocalls were 404 (Atlanta), 832 (Houston), and 214 (Dallas). Simultaneously, 404 (Atlanta), 225 (Baton Rouge), and 901 (Memphis) reported the highest numbers of robocalls per person.

YouMail Inc. operates two other apps, Another Number and HulloMail, providing app-based call protection services in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Additionally, YouMail has won the American Business Awards’ Gold Steve Award for Technical Innovation of the Year. The YouMail app was honored with the title of the nation’s best robocall-blocking solution in The Washington Post.

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