Ron DeSantis Probably Didn’t Turn Florida Red

Ron DeSantis Probably Didn't Turn Florida Red

Ron DeSantis probably didn’t turn Florida red because the state had already changed before they elected him as a Governor. In his recent presidential campaign, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he is the transformational leader who reshaped the politics of his home state.

Ron DeSantis Probably Didn’t Turn Florida Red

The main problem with this statement is that Florida’s population was increasing daily, even before the COVID-19 situation arose. As we all know, the impact of COVID-19 is huge all over the world, and also there is a huge impact of COVID-19 in Florida.

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According to the American Community Survey, almost 6,74,740 people were moved from Florida to another state in 2021. This is the largest movement in the history of Florida. Also, it has become a consistent trend that people move from Florida to another state, but in 2021, only 73,129 migrants moved from Florida to other states than in 2019.

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But we can only say that people moved from Florida to other states after the pandemic went on overnight; we need help finding the exact answer to this question, but in the Tampa Bay Times, the answer to this question is that the most common reason for the movement is lower taxation, affordable housing prices, and good weather.

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Also, those moving from Florida to other states are because of financial reasons rather than political reasons. Lower taxation is a political reason, but we can’t blame DeSantis because the state constitution has banned personal income taxes since 1968.

DeSantis has made a huge impact on the public of Florida as the number of registered voters has increased, and currently, there are 5,25,418 voters in Florida than they were at the end of 2018.

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It increases the GOP by more than 40,000 voters. In 2022, the DeSantis reelection campaign increased the number of voters to 1,88,323. In 2020, almost half a million voters were on the net. In 2021, DeSantis contributed over $2 million for registration, and it paid off when the number of registered voters was more than the number of registered Democrats. Democrats fell from 71% to 62% in 2020 and 2022.

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In Florida, there is a mixture of Hispanic people. Some are Mexican-American, some are Cuban, and some are Puerto Rican, who may have different political opinions. But in 2022, many Hispanic Democrats changed their opinion and didn’t bother to turn their vote.

According to data, about 9,59,980 people were registered as Hispanic Democrats, and 7,28,027 were registered as Republicans. But only one-third of those Hispanic Democrats voted than the registered Republicans. Almost 63.4% of people registered as Republicans were in the 2022 ballot, but only 48.6% registered Democrats were voted.

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Due to his Anti-lockdown policies during the pandemic, he got extra support from the people of Florida. Also, he said, “That perfect political storm will not happen again.”

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