Save Arizona Rally Highlights

Save Arizona Rally Highlights

Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake hosted a Save Arizona rally in Scottsdale, Arizona on Sunday, January 29th 2023. The rally was held ahead of a crunch court date in an attempt to reconsider the gubernatorial race which she claims was won by the Democratic nominee fraudulently.

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs emerged victorious in the 2022 race and was elected Arizona’s 24th governor with more than 17,000 votes. Hobbs has held the position since being sworn in on 2nd January. 

Lake refuses to accept the outcome, alleging printing issues with the voting machines in Maricopa County led to “disenfranchised” voters there, and organised the Save Arizona rally in hopes of overturning the results. 

The following article presents Save Arizona rally highlights, along with excerpts from Kari Lake’s speech including a surprise on-call appearance by former president Donald Trump. 

Save Arizona Rally Highlights

The Save Arizona rally was held on 29th January, at the Orange Tree Golf Club in Scottsdale, the exact location is Orange Tree Golf Club, 10601 North 56th St., Scottsdale, AZ 8525.

The rally was announced in a twitter post with a caption that read, “GET READY: @KariLake is holding a Rally on Sunday, January 29th! Text KARI to 70789 for exclusive updates. You do NOT want to miss this. #SaveArizona,” along with a poster. 

The Save Arizona rally was attended by hundreds, and the auditorium was packed with the Arizona Republican’s supporters flashing placards saying “I’m a Kari Lake Republican.”

Kari Lake walked onto the stage to chants of “Kari! Kari! Kari!” and applause from the audience.

Minutes after Lake made her appearance, former president Donald Trump made a special appearance via call and addressed the crowd saying, “Kari is a fantastic person. It’s a shame what happened to the machines…A lot of the Republican area machines were broken. It’s a disgrace but ultimately she’s going to be victorious.”

“I just wanna thank everybody for being here. We love you all,” said the former president before Lake hung up. 

“Katie Hobbs is probably curled up in her sofa knowing that she’s a fraud…”- Kari Lake slams Hobbs in Save Arizona rally speech

“Welcome to a real political rally,” said Kari Lake, beginning her speech at the Save Arizona rally on Sunday. 

Minutes into her over an hour-long speech, the Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee slammed newly-elected Democrat governor Katie Hobbs saying that “she’s probably curled up in her sofa in a fetal position knowing that she’s a fraud.”

She also slammed Democrat Rubin Gallego saying, “We call him the AOC of Arizona and that may actually be an insult to AOC.”

Lake further went on to comment, “I mean, he’s a man with bangs. He’s a self admitted socialist and  I just read an article that he, much like Katie Hobbs, is known in the Black community as a racist.”

Lake also talked about election fraud and corrupt voting practices across the country. 

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