Scott Jensen Net Worth – How Much is he Worth?

Scott Jensen Net Worth - How Much is Worth

This article covers all the crucial information regarding Scott Jensen net worth, biography, career, and more. So, keep reading to learn more about the famous personality Scott Jensen.

Scott Jensen  Biography 

Scott Jensen ( Scott M. Jenson) is a physician, and American politician who was born on 19th November 1954 in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, U.S. Scott’s father, Carl Jensen, served as a member of the Legislature innumerable times between the years 1951 and 1980.

Scott Jensen

He completed his graduation in 1973 as the valedictorian of Sleepy Eye High School in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Scott later joined Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary and the University of Minnesota from 1977 to 1978, completing his graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in 1978 in Physiology and a Doctor of Medicine in 1981. 

A Devoted Doctor and Health Advocate

He was a professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School and also had been practicing small family medicine at his clinic in Watertown, Minnesota, since 1986. 

He works for patients with the core of the heart and puts his intrusive spirit to work for the welfare of the patients. Scott not only worked for them but also provided them with proper diagnoses and encouraged his patients to take care of their own health. Scoot Jensen was declared the Minnesota Family Physician of the year in 2016 by the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians.


He published his book namedRelationship Matters, The Foundation of Medical Care Is Fracturing, which depicts patients’ stories to emphasize the critical value of the patient-doctor relationship. Moreover, the book also depicts Dr. Jensen’s strong faith in the absolute need for patients to be their own “champion” for their own healthcare resolution.

Scott Jensen Personal life 

Scott is married to Marry R. Jensen. The couple has three children, and the family currently lives in Laketown Township. Little is known about his family, as he likes to keep his personal life far from media coverage.

Scott Jensen Career

Scott Jensen is a member of the Republican Party and currently running for the governor of Minnesota in the general election on 8th November 2022. Tim Walz(D), Scott Jensen, Steve Patterson, Hugh Mc Tavish, James MCCaskel, and Gabrielle Prosser are the candidates running against Scott Jensen in the midterm elections in 2022.

He was a member of the Minnesota State Senate in 2016, exemplifying District 47 but left the office on 5th January 2021. He was termed moderate when he was serving his single term in the Legislature. Scott Jensen was seen as “an eccentric and unpredictable legislatore” among the bipartisan members of the Minnesota Senate with fame as a political maverick.


In January 2021, he left office but was viewed as a capable Republican candidate for the governor in the 2022 elections, so he declared his candidacy for the elections. Along with this, he won a Carver County Republican Party straw poll by a good margin at the time of the Republican primary campaign for governor in 2022.

Scott Jensen condemned Steve Simon, Minnesota Secretary of State, for leading an operation of the state’s election system in May 2022, recommending that Simon go “to jail” without postulating that he had done any illegal activity. In response to Scott’s comments, Simon called his comments “bizarre and irresponsible” and “a cynical attempt to use extreme conspiracy theories to radicalize political supporters.”


After Scott left the senate, he changed his views to the right-wing (Democratic Party), which shook the Republican Candidates and showed a broader movement of the Republican Party under former President Donald Trump.

Problem Solver and Political individualist

He served as the audit committee chair of the Citizens Alliance Bank board. He was a member of the Bush Foundation, founded by Archibald Granville Bush, a well-known American businessman mainly involved with 3M and his wife, Edyth Bassler Bush. It is located in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.


Scott Jensen campaigned for the Waconia School Board and was elected for the same as he was worried about the direction of local schools. He successfully served the Waconia School Board for 9 years. i.e., from 1993 to 2002, and was well-known for making good decisions and leading improvement in performance. He made all the decisions by keeping the students in mind, and he put them first in his every decision.

Scott took his individualist spirit to the Minnesota Senate in 2017, developed the status of being a problem solver, challenged the status quo, spoke freely for his constituents without any constraint, and was never afraid of anyone taking a stance on the political establishment if the cause demanded action.

He served as a member of the 

  • Human Services Reform Finance and Policy Committee 
  • Vice Chairman of the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee.
  •  Senate Higher Education Finance and Policy Committee.
  • Transportation Finance and Policy Committee 

Donald Trump endorsed Scott Jensen 

Scott received Trump’s support late Tuesday. Former President Donald Trump shared a post on Truth Social, “Minnesota finally has a chance to have a great Governor. His name is Dr. Scott Jensen, the Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, and he will bring Minnesota back from the brink.”


In a statement, he said that he had not actively sought the support of political leaders, but he was grateful for those who had acknowledged his ability to lead.

“Scott Jensen had embraced the Big Lie, even called for throwing his Secretary of State in jail. Now, Donald Trump had rewarded him with an endorsement,” DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin said in a statement. 

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Scott Jensen’s Net Worth 

A well-known American physician Scott M.Jenson net worth has been estimated at around $1.5 million. His primary source of income is his career as a successful politician.

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