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Steps to Pre-order Truth Social app by Donald Trump

Steps to Pre-order Truth Social app by Donald Trump

The Trump Media & Technology Group recently announced a new product called Truth Social App. The app’s primary purpose is to unite forces for freedom of expression. Donald Trump would lead this social media campaign. Because of Donald Trump’s fans following and the belief that the people of America have in him, this could be a serious competitor to social media giants like Facebook & Twitter in the US market.

How to Pre-order Truth Social Media App on Apple store

The Apple App Store makes Truth Social app available up to 90 days before its release. Once the app is available on the store, users can preorder it and have it installed when it is live. To preorder the app follow the below steps.

  • Goto – truthsocial.com
  • Click on the ” Pre Order ” Button available on the bottom left corner of the screen ( refer the image below for more info ) truth social app store
  • You will be headed towards Apple Store, where you can signup for the pre-order and you will soon get the pre-access to the app, before everyone else. You will see a Get button as shown in the image below.

Click on Get, and you will get access to the beta version of the app. Once you have signed up for the access. You will get an e-mail from the developer once they decide to make the app public for testing.

Donald Trump would be the leader of this social media campaign. There is a serious concern here as Truth Social is a social media platform that aims to provide free open speech for the global audience without discriminating against any political ideology. Having Donald Trump as a fan following and the belief of the people of America in him makes Truth Social a serious competitor to Social Media giants like Facebook & Twitter in US Market.Donald Trump is banned on this platform because of January 6 US Capitol Controversy.

As a joint venture, Donald Trump is leading Truth Social with the help of many companies.

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  • Have been waiting for a long time for you to come forward with your own telecoms ,I’m just a peion,a no one, but a veteran who has served my time. Am a true American patriot, believes in God, family and country. If anything happens and you ask of me, I will serve.

    • Thank you for your service and sacrifice sir. You are way more than a pion my friend. May the Good Lord shine His face upon you and yours. ✝️

  • I have a android phone was not able to sign up today10/25/21. I am on the newsletter list .I will just be patient.

  • I have taken so many different avenues to reach my friends and family and the truth it’s amazing how when you know that you know that you know, you will do what is necessary regardless of how your peers and family treat you may God bless everyone who’s after the truth and he has a heart for Christ may we reach those who are lost.

  • Great job thank you we need this for the GOP to share ideas and not have us black-listed for being a Republican.

  • I have an android, I can’t stand being on FB anymore, however it is the only way to stay in touch with everyone. I keep waiting, and it’s Nov. 8th. I plan on deleting my accounts with FB, Youtube, and Google as soon as you’re up and running.