Trump Countersues E. Jean Carroll For Defamation

Trump Countersues E. Jean Carroll For Defamation

Former President Donald Trump reportedly filed a defamation lawsuit against the writer who earlier sued him for defamation.

Let’s read about the issue between both parties and why the former president took the step.

Trump Countersues E. Jean Carroll For Defamation

The United States former President Donald Trump has sued E. Jean Carroll, a former magazine columnist, alleging that the writer falsely accused him of rape after a jury in a civil trial found him liable for sexually assaulting her and not raping her as she claimed in her interview after the verdict.

Carroll filed a lawsuit against Trump, accusing him of sexually abusing her in a changing room of the Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan in the 1990s. She also claimed that the former president ruined her reputation by calling her a liar when she revealed the incident to the public in 2019.

Trump Counter sues E. Jean Carroll For Defamation

On May 9, 2023, a federal jury of six men and three women found Trump liable for sexually assaulting the writer, and she was awarded $5 million in damages. However, the jury did not find that Trump had raped her, as she had long claimed.

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Carroll was interviewed the day after the judgment in which she kept repeating the claims of Trump raping her 30 years ago.

Trump’s countersue against Carroll in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday stated that the writer’s statements on the news channel after the jury’s verdict are damaging his reputation. Trump is now seeking a retraction and unspecified compensatory and punitive damages in his suit.

The former president has countersued Carroll accusing her of defaming him by repeating her argument that he had raped her.

In a statement to the media, Caroll’s lawyer, Robbie Kaplan, said, “Trump’s claim is contrary to logic and fact. His filing is nothing more than his latest effort to delay accountability for what a jury has already found to be his defamation of E. Jean Carroll.”

Even though the court found Trump responsible for abusing the writer, he has constantly denied assaulting Carroll ever since she filed the lawsuit against the former president, and he claimed that the writer had manufactured her story to defame him.

Last month, Carroll amended the first of her two suits against Trump to seek an additional $10 million in damages claiming his denials during an appearance in the interview a day after the verdict. However, on Tuesday, Trump’s lawyer requested the federal court judge to reject her updated defamation claim.

Trump, 77, who is running for White House in 2024 and maintains a lead over other Republican opponents, has been facing several lawsuits amid his campaign besides his long battle with a New York writer. Recently he pleaded not guilty to 37 felony charges in his classified documents case in Miami federal court.

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Last September, New York attorney general Letitia James filed a lawsuit against Trump and his three children for alleged fraudulent business practices. He was accused of devaluing and inflating the value of his business’s assets for tax and loan benefits.

In another case, the Hush-money case, the former president faces a criminal investigation for falsifying business records to hide money payments to a woman claiming her affair with Trump.

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