Watch Mark Houck Full Interview with Fr. Frank Pavone

Watch Mark Houck Full Interview with Fr. Frank Pavone

Watch Mark Houck Full Interview with Fr. Frank Pavone – Catholic pro-life advocate Mark Houck, age 48, was arrested after being accused of assaulting a clinic escort working for the Planned Parenthood clinic on two separate occasions.

As the healthcare professional tried transporting two patients in October 2021, Houck allegedly accosted him verbally and shoved him. However, Mark has denied the charges and appeared on the most recent podcast of Father Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for life.

Watch Mark Houck Full Interview with Fr. Frank Pavone

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In the interview’s first segment, Father Frank Pavone discussed the democrats’ use of the FBI and the Department of Justice as weapons against their political opponents and anyone who support President Trump.

Then he introduced Mark Houck, a Catholic mother and pro-life campaigner the FBI detained. Fr. Frank has spoken highly of Mark’s efforts to end abortion in Philadelphia, saying they are grounded in faith, love, and peace.

Mark has prayed outside abortion clinics and prevented killings by intervening nonviolently to protect lives. Mark described how at 7:00 AM on Friday, September 23rd, a dozen FBI agents knocked on his home, hammered on the door, and pointed firearms at him and his family.

Mark and Frank discussed how the public in the United States had lost faith in government institutions because they are utilized for purely retaliatory purposes of intimidation and coercion and also explained why it is critical for Republicans to win the upcoming elections, arguing that, as citizens of a democracy, they are not obligated to provide rationales for their political, religious, or pro-life convictions.

Who is Mark Houck

Who is Mark Houck?
Who is Mark Houck?

Mark Houck is the President and Co-Founder of The King’s Men, as well as an author, lecturer, radio personality, activist, and devout Catholic. Since 2006, he’s addressed thousands of men on issues connected to healthy masculinity and has written extensively about pornography, homosexuality, abortion, adolescent sexuality, parenting, and men’s spirituality.

Mark reached out to people around North America and Europe because of The King’s Men and worked as a full-time chastity educator and pro-life campaigner with Generation Life before he founded The King’s Men.

Mark earned his Bachelor of Arts at The Catholic University of America in Human Resource Management and his Master of Arts in Education at Holy Family University.

What did Mark Houck do?

Last year, Mark Houck assaulted a Planned Parenthood clinic escort, and The Department of Justice ordered a SWAT raid on his rural Pennsylvania home, where he was arrested in front of his children.

According to Ryan-Marie Houck, her husband was arrested by a SWAT team of 25 who threatened to smash down their door and pointed firearms at her family. However, the FBI’s Philadelphia field office has dismissed these claims as unfounded.

According to Houck’s wife, they frequently brought their 12-year-old kid to the abortion clinics as part of his pro-life crusade and claimed that Houck shoved and swore at a man who had invaded their son’s personal space. She added that the Philadelphia District Court had previously dismissed a lawsuit filed by the guy who claims Houck shoved him.

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