Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives

Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives | Elections, Addictions, Solutions

Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives – Recently, Mike Lindell was interviewed by the famous hosts David and Stacey Whited in an episode of Flyover Conservatives. During the interview, Mike Lindell revealed a lot of information about the economy, the United States government, and Donald Trump and also included a brief discussion about his store.

Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives

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The episode was published on 16 November 2022 on Thrivetime Show of Rumble. Mike gave an interview backstage at his recent show and was interviewed by David and Stacey Whited.

During the interview, he talked about the important scenarios of U.S. politics, economic issues in the United States, and others.

Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives – Summary

Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives
Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives

Here’s a list of the topics that mike discussed in the interview –

Now or Never

During the interview, David praised Mike for his work as he did what he said to the voters. Mike said that he always wanted to do righteous deeds for the country, and the 80 million people need to brave up now, as this is the time for the people to save the country.

However, according to him, only Donald Trump is trying to save the country. Everyone has something to contribute, and people can at least vote for the right president.

Mike speaks about his authentic product

Stacey highlighted Mike’s authentic products. Mike mentioned he uses a material that is only made in the USA, keeping the quality of the slippers different and comfortable for people to wear. Mike also mentioned how other brands’ slippers are expensive and not worth wearing, but he makes sure that his products meet all the requirements of his customers.

The upcoming election

Mike talked about the upcoming presidential elections. He shared that the upcoming election will be a fight between good and evil. People would be wise enough to choose the good side, as everybody wants to be on the good side of history. However, the people on the left side are very convincing and evil.

Even though their speeches can be very inspiring, people see what they have done for the country. He also thinks that people need to think like the powerful; if not, then they can easily become victims of oppression in the country.

He also mentioned, whatever we go through, we should always look for a positive outcome and hope for a better future for our children. If we don’t keep hoping, that implies we do not believe in God, and getting rid of addictions is the bonus of life. Those drug addictions are the coping mechanisms of hopelessness.

The Real president

Trump VS Biden - Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives - Summary
Trump VS Biden – Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives – Summary

Later in the interview, Mike shared that people need a president who would protect them from every danger and put soldiers on the borders in order to maintain the safety of every citizen. However, citizens are the ones who can choose the right president for them. He also added his views on the recent incident in Brazil as how people were affected due to a political war and Americans should learn from it.

Further, in the interview with Flyover Conservatives, Mike discussed how he was banned on YouTube for sharing the truth with the public and about his works.

About Flyover Conservatives

Flyover Conservatives is a Christian T.V. program hosted by David and Stacey Whited. They interview high-profile guests like Mike Lindell, Robin Bullock, and others, and in every episode, they discuss current events and news. They also examine modern culture into conservative and Christian values.

The duo exposes the truth and helps people to see the righteous thing. They are raising smarter and more confident Conservatives who are prepared to take on the left’s agenda.

About Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell

Michael James Lindell, who is famously known as the “My Pillow” guy, is a political activist and a businessman. He is the founder of a company named My Pillow, Inc. He is also an advisor of former president Donald Trump. In 2020, Mike played an important role in supporting Trump in the presidential race. He is also the founder of a social media platform called Frank Social, a video-sharing platform in the United States.

Conclusion – Watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives

There you have it – a detailed article covering how to watch Mike Lindell and Flyover Conservatives.

Mike discussed plenty of things ranging from the election and the current scenario of the United States to his businesses and more.

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