Windstream Offers Free Upgrades to Kinetic Fiber Customers

Windstream Offers Free Upgrades to Kinetic Fiber Customers

Windstream, under its new initiative, “Project Glass Echo,” is offering a few upgrades to 33,000 Kinetic fiber broadband customers with slow-speed DSL infrastructure.

According to Ben Midanek, Windstream’s chief marketing officer for Kinetic, those DSL customers who qualify will get free speed upgrades up to 300 Mbps at no extra cost on their monthly bills, regardless of their plans and the speed they were previously receiving.

Customers who previously had speeds below 25 Megabits per second will now enjoy speeds exceeding 300 Megabits per second thanks to fiber technology.

This program will boost internet speeds for tens of thousands of customers throughout Kinetic’s 18-state service area.

According to the company, two-thirds of nearly 20,000 customers in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas are eligible for free DSL upgrades.

This marks a major step forward in improving America’s digital infrastructure.

Ben Midanek, Kinetic’s chief marketing officer, said, “This is not just about faster internet; it’s about enabling customers to fully embrace the digital age, whether for education, work, or staying connected with loved ones.”

“This effort is another way Kinetic demonstrates its commitment and dedication to not only providing state-of-the-art internet but also to ensuring no customer is left behind. There is no cost, and your bill won’t go up because of this.”

Windstream Offers Free Upgrades to Kinetic Fiber Customer
Windstream Offers Free Upgrades to Kinetic Fiber Customer

The free upgrades program is part of Kinetic’s multi-year $2 billion investment to upgrade digital connectivity, especially for rural Americans.

To get a free DSL upgrade, customers can contact Windstream customer support directly at 1 (800) 347-1991; if they qualify, they will soon receive the upgrade.

The good thing about the upgrade is that the customer does not need to worry about anything as the Kinetic will include free Whole Home WiFi installation, and the technician won’t leave until everything is connected.

Midanek said, “Customers who choose not to upgrade to fiber will remain on their existing service plans,”

“We certainly hope that all eligible customers will take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade at no cost in order to experience the many benefits of fiber service, but these customers are welcome to continue with their current service if they choose.”

Some customers might need to switch their landline to a digital voice service. Moving to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers many benefits, such as lower costs, more flexibility, better features, and improved voice quality, all through an internet connection.

Although Windstream took a good step, it’s more challenging because the company has to manually move customers to its fiber broadband infrastructure, which can take a lot of time.

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