Life - Gaming - WOW Rare Farming Pets – 5 Best Rare Pets to Farm in World of Warcraft

WOW Rare Farming Pets – 5 Best Rare Pets to Farm in World of Warcraft

WOW Rare Farming Pets - 5 Best Rare Pets to Farm in World of Warcraft

WOW Rare Farming Pets – 5 Best Rare Pets to Farm in World of Warcraft

Some pets just help you make money in World of Warcraft. Their drop chances are so thin; however, the prizes are quite rewarding. These pets are not usual battle pets or some other kinds of hunter stuff; these are a pure source of gold for the players. In this article, we have listed the 5 best wow rare farmings pets.

Here we see the 5 best rare pets to farm in World of Warcraft.

 Spirit of Jadefire

Spirit of jadefire
Spirit of jadefire

The jadefire Spirit is worth around 98,000 gold regen. One more benefit to farm jadefire is that along with it; we can also try to farm the ominous flame, which is more of a side thing and values about 19,500 gold. Basically, it’s an additional benefit to the cause.

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To farm the Spirit of Jadefire, we should be in the Timeless Isle and have to teleport to Vale of eternal blossoms. To go there, you can use the shrine of two moons or the shrine of seven stars and fly over, or else you can go to the poured on a village or somewhere near there for the Horde and fly downside.

The easiest way to go there is to buy an item called the time-lost artifact, which can teleport you to the timeless Isle pretty easily.

Next heading to the cave where usually we’d have mobs flying everywhere. You should always kill those mobs just in case they drop the ominous flame, which has a five percent drop chance.

Next, kill the Spirit of jade fire quickly, and you will see that it drops the Jade fire Spirit which has a roughly two percent drop chance. Now, if you are lucky enough, you could farm nearly 100K gold from that.

 Spineclaw crab

Spineclaw crab
Spineclaw crab

Another pet from Timeless Isle, and it’s a bigger bag achievement and very tricky to find. It’s not like a regular rare for which you just cam, kill, and wait for respawn and repeat. This one is slightly different where you can see blue crabs scattered around the waters of Timeless Isle, which are called ancient spine claws.

These share a respawn with a monstrous pine claw, which is rare. You can see their span points in the image above.

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You just have to kill the ancient spine claws and wait for a monstrous pine claw to spawn along the given trajectory. Just make sure you don’t have too many players on the server as they can take advantage of your work.

The best way around is to increase your swim speed as much as possible because, with this, you can kill them and then get back to where you started and then follow the path that you were killing them as they respawn. That way, you shouldn’t miss respawns; however, that depends on how fast you’re going.

The best method is using the artifact fishing rod from Legion. When you level it up enough, it turns you into a fish, and you can swim a lot faster. There’s also another item from timeless oil that increases your swim speed by 100% for 15 minutes.

After killing some of those giants, you will get the Spineclaw Crab pet as soon as you can, depending on your luck. Its drop chance is 1.9% and can be tried only once per day, and it is worth more than 200K gold.

 Rebellious Imp

Rebellious Imp
Rebellious Imp

In Loot-Legion-Shadows of Argus, ‘Rebellious Imp’ Pet has a chance to drop off ‘Mother Rosula’ in Antoran Wastes, Argus cord 65, 26.

In order to kill Mother Rosula, you need to summon her first. In order to summon her, you need to make a Disgusting Feast for which will need 100 Imp Meat. This Giant has too much health, so it’s advisable that you use the light forged warframe, which will save you a lot and lots of time.

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The chances of getting the Rebellious Imp is one in fifteen. Its worth is around 100K to 400K gold.

 Lanticore Spawnling

Lanticore Spawnling
Lanticore Spawnling

In order to get Lanticore Spawnling, we need to be entering a heroic warlord of Draenor dungeon and hoping that a rare spawn is up. Currently, Lanticore Spawnling is worth about 100K on the regional market. In order to get it, you gonna want to enter into Blackrock Mountain. There are two entrances you can come through, Syrian gorge or through the other side called burning steps.

So you’re just gonna want to fly through and come up to the side where it is the response spawns just before the second boss, and there is no way to check to see if it’s up until you kill the first boss, which by that point you are safe to the dungeon. Now being a heroic dungeon, you can only do it once a day, so that limits you to seven per week attempts.

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You need to clear every of every side room because these rooms need to get extinguished, so you do need to run rank all the ads in this study area, so it does take about a minute.

You will have to fight 2 bosses after that, and the second one drops the pet. If not, you need to try that again the next day, and this whole process only takes about 4 minutes. So it’s worth the try as it values over 100K in the market.

 Searing Scrochling

Searing Scrochling
Searing Scrochling

Now we are moving onto the Mount Hyjal portal in the Molten Front dailies. They’re the predecessor to Timeless Isle, Broken Shore, and Argus.

Here, we have to go to Ragnoros’ home town, and you have to grow a world tree over the course of 2 weeks of daily quests. Firstly you have to do half of the normal mount hyjal quest chain. After that, we have got a really awesome story, which I won’t be covering here for obvious reasons.

Then you have four quests at the Sanctuary of Malorne and another four inside the molten front. After a week of doing these, you will unlock an additional one of two quest hubs. After nearly 2 weeks of doing these, you will be able to get 31 marks of the World Tree a day.

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Turn these marks into a Zen’Vorka underneath the World Tree and buy a Zen’Vorka’s Cache. This Zen’Vorka’s Cache has a 1 in 20 chance of containing the ultimate goal of this process, the Searing Scorchling battle pet, which seels from 200K gold to 600K gold each, and calculating the probabilities you can get 2 of these per month. Well, that’s lots of money.

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